Get Out of the Saddle!

Lately, I have had a minor issue with my Avatar. He is slow as molasses!
Seriously, since the last update I noticed that my Avatar does not get out of the saddle when my cadence drops below 70.
Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I was just thinking the same thing. Went up Leith Hill and Box Hill in Tour of London today, and my avatar never got out of the saddle once :slight_smile:

what bike are you using, The TRON does not get out of the saddle to climb. I think the TT bike is the same.

The TT bike does get out of the saddle when cadence drops below 70 on climbs. I know this because I more or less us the TT bike exclusively.

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I’m using the tron bike. I’ll switch bikes tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

My guy gets out of the saddle below 70 cadence just fine, but it seems others around me are out of their saddles at a much higher cadence. How do they do that?

Also, on group rides, everybody stands up at the same moment going up a hill but me. What’s up with that?

Zwift displays (to you) all the other avatars going up a hill as climbing out of the saddle. Those individual riders may or may not see their own avatar out of the saddle. They will see you out of the saddle even if your view of your avatar is not.

Sort of makes you wonder - if it’s night in Watopia when I’m riding, does the guy beside me also see night sky? Or is he seeing sunshine? Or rain?

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I assumed the weather was consistent for everyone because i have seen other riders in group rides comment on rain that i was seeing at the same time. Could be coincidence, i don’t know.

But this make me wonder about when you see other riders doing workouts. Occasionally you get a glimpse of their hud that shows a value for the watts they’re pushing. I have wondered if those numbers are real time accurate.

I was using the Tron bike. Thanks for the answer.