No draft in middle of the blob (and yes I'm aware you are not supposed to feel it)

Today I joined REVO’s Social SUB2 ride on The Greater London Flat, and though it was announced as a 1,5 - 2,0 W/kg paced ride, I needed to deliver 2.6 W/kg on average during the first 10 minutes just to keep up (shortly after which I gave up). What surprised me though was that many were enthousiastic about how the race was paced, after a bit of a false start.

I am a newbie to Zwift, and this was only my second group ride. Everything looked allright from the start in my eyes (I had the same outfit as everybody else), until I noticed after some time that when I dropped a bit behind there was never a “Close the gap!”-message.

So i went into Strava and found another rider who had joined the ride, and I did a comparison of our (speed and) power outputs over the first 10 minutes:

So were he was doing 115 W on average, I was doing 205!

In W/kg he was delivering 1,64 vs 2,56 for me, where I should have been doing less than him (on a flat course the relation between speed and power/mass is far from linear, as it is on steep climbs).

So it really looks like I didn’t experience any draft during the ride. This isn’t some setting, right? I have trainer difficulty on max, but that should be unrelated as far I understand.

Were You by chance using the Zwift TT bike or other Tri/TT bike in game?

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Were you on the a TT bike? You get no draft benefit when on TT bikes.

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No TT bike (total newbie)

What bike do you ride in zwift?


Oops… Assumed TT bikes were the glowing ones (total newbie) :blush:

Thread solved, thanks and sorry.


No problem. These things happen.

Let us know if you have any questions.