No draft on group ride?

I joined a B group ride tonight. Straight away I am near the back of the group for 3.5-4 w/kg. While everyone else is 2.4-3.0. I just fall out the back, as I’m starting to drift further away a guy passes me doing 2.7w/kg. While I’m doing 4.1… he joins the group and I just watch everyone ride off!
I quit the ride and notice that while riding along I don’t get any of the 2m …4m…ok notifications to get a draft.
Anyway I quit and rejoin the group ride after changing from the zwift aero frame to the carbon frame. And suddenly I’m fine sticking in the group at 3.1 etc?
Does anyone know what went wrong? It’s the first time this has happened to me?

maybe had a TT frame equipped
also some group rides have draft disabled, but doesn’t sound like that was the case here.

If you didn’t get the messages about how far behind you were, you were on the TT bike, not the aero bike. No draft on the TT bike.

People have been posting about those messages going missing sometimes under the new Pack Dynamics.

I am only new and don’t think I have a TT frame. only the standard offering you get when you start. Carbon, mountain, Aero.

Anyway thanks for the replies. Hopefully it was a one off.

I don’t think there is a Zwift bike named aero. In my garage the only Zwift frames I have are the Zwift carbon, mountain, TT and concept (Tron). I’m pretty sure those first 3 are the standard ones everyone gets when they join.

Ha ha ha! Yes ok you are right. That is the TT frame. I guess the last few days of (D) group rides using that frame I was just powering myself.