Can’t keep up!

I tried my first group ride today, was advertised at 2.2w/kg and the leader was doing that, but even when I was over 3w/kg I couldn’t hold the wheel. Any ideas why this is happening please? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

I’ve had similar experiences Tomas. Getting dropped even when the ride leader tells the group he’s riding at 2.5 and his weight is exactly the same as my own! Finished 15 minutes down on the group. What’s going on. Can they be on virtual EPO?


You weren’t on a TT bike were you? These don’t draft so it’s hard to stay with a fast moving group. If so then change to a non TT bike then try and stay in the bunch.

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I also would be you were on a TT bike. No draft allowed there. That will make all the difference.

Yeah I was, didn’t realise it made a difference. Thanks for the help, will try again.

And if that doesn’t work, try a group workout where everyone is banded together

Thanks :+1:

just posted a similar question and i to was on the TT bike , have changed it now so will see what happens on my next race