Can someone explain how Group Rides are supposed to work?

So dropped out of my second attempt at a group ride. It was supposed to be an easy one - 1.3-1.6w/kg but while averaging 2.4w/kg I got dropped like a stone from the group and they just kept accelerating. My average w/kg for the ride was equal to the supposed maximum… What am I doing wrong?

Were you using the Zwift TT bike?

I am going to tag @Gerrie_Delport since he knows a lot more about group rides than I do.

I don’t know the answer. But two possibilities:

  1. Were you using a TT bike on the group ride? If so, you get no draft from the group and have to ride much harder to stay with them.
  2. Were you on a road bike but not in the draft? Again, without the draft you’ll fall back even if you’re riding a bit harder than the group.
    Other possibilities — riding the heaviest, least aero frame and wheelset, or other such factors (height, mass unfavorable on flat course or hilly course).

Hi @dhi67540

What event did you do, I would like to look at the other riders and leader’s power numbers.

Doing 2.4w/kg in a group ride that is max 1.6 should keep you in the group.

As @1506 and @Paul_Allen said it can be that you were on a TT bike, the TT bike can’t draft so you don’t get any advantage of being in the bunch and it will be very hard to stay with the group.

Was the group ride on a flat road and you are very light. If you are very light then you will have to produce more w/kg to stay with a group. On a flat road it is all about power.

I hope this helped a bit.

No, was not using the TT bike. I kept up just fine (in the middle of the pack) on the first 2 laps but then they all seemed to just start sprinting. Leader and Sweeper were right at the back of the pack so I slowed down to join them (when they called for everyone one to slow down) and then they both just accelerated past me and that was that - out the back of the pack and the end of the ride. It seemed to me that rather than everyone else slowing down they just sped up to the rest of the pack!

What ride was this?

It just sound like the riders was not following the leader instructions or you slowed down to much.
How much did you slow down to wait for them, i have seen people coming almost to a stop to wait for the leader but then they don’t speed up in time and they get dropped. If this is the case then don’t slow down as much just reduce your speed a bit and see if the leader is catching up, if he is not then reduce a bit more but keep an eye on the panel on the right to see if the leader is coming, once you see him in the right panel start accelerating again.

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Some events do have 2 or 3 steady laps then race the final one, is it possible it was just one of those?

I saw one on the London map yesterday evening (UK time) when I was looking for a ride to join.

Usually the last lap is a free for all, and if you slow down for the pack you will get passed. You have to speed back up when they are 10 m away.

Yes,as said its critical not to loose draft,sometimes you have to go all in in some situations not to get dropped,its a learning curve,and many group rides are a lot faster then advertised,you will learn whitch group to join :+1::+1:

I actually completed a group ride last night although I got dropped from the pack at the halfway point again. This time I could not maintain the w/kg up the 8% Innsbruck hill that the majority of other riders could and got way out sprinted downhill (the pack pulled out to a 1 min gap from the base of the hill to the end of the downhill even though I managed a greater than group ride max w/kg for the climb and downhill). I think setting my Training Difficulty to 100% as a newb might be the problem after finding a few articles on the subject (I’m running a Kickr Core). I think I will set it back to the default 50% and see how things progress!

I ride too the Herder Social RIDE with Leader Clops North. The leader did not meet the stated watt / kg from 1.6 to 1.9. He drove 2.0 to 2.4 w / kg and drove the increase of 8% with 2.9 to 3.3 w / kg. The group flew apart and as the leader did not slow down when he arrived the Top of the hill, he could not be caught. It is the Leader’s responsibility to ensure that the values ​​given in the description of the group trip are respected.

Otherwise, the drivers lose the desire for group trips and on Zwift!

@Johann_Gilles_ZRG and @dhi67540 can you please tell us what the group ride was so that we can better help you and investigate.

Look my post above, i can send you a Picture of this Moment of Innsbruck Street höttinger höll, showing the power of Leader Clops North.

Sorry I missed that in you first sentence :blush:. The Heard is usualy good with these kind of rides. I will take a look now.

I found the ride that you are referring to.

Not being in the ride it is hard to know what the goal was. It can be that the aim was to go up the climb hard and then recover and regroup.

This is the leader vs your power curve, it look like he did do a few quick accelerations.

Try to contact them (The Herd) on Face Book maybe they can help or you can bring it to their attention.

Hallo Gerrie,

it was Wednesday The Herds Social down under Group RIDE at 02.30. Foto is with this e-mail. Thank you very much.

Johann Gilles

Well,its not unusual behavior of some leaders,they just cant control there ego!
I have been in many group rides where the leaders keep sprinting uphill,just stay away from such groups (leaders!) herd rides are usually well paced and great leaders,sorry that it wasn’t the case this time.