Tron Bike

I’ve just got the Tron bike and now I know the secret why all you guys with then are so fast, it has a motor! OK, not really but it does look like an eBike style crank.
The only problem now is will I be allowed to use it as a slow plodder of a rider? Don’t want to let the side down for the rest of you in the Tron club.

Well done @Richard, it is no easy task.

Have fun with the new Bike.

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Thanks, Gerrie, I’ll certainly try too but don’t expect to see the wheel colour changing much. I’ll have to climb AdZ again just to see the wheels on the downhill.

I may be wrong, but i think with the latest changes the wheel glow is related to % of FTP.

So it light up when you put out more power.


Congrats, it’s not an easy thing to do.

I have really focused on climbing in Zwift this winter to get the tron bike. 37,000 feet of climb still left. Way too many trips (or partial trips) up AdZ so far, I may never go back. At 205# (93kg) it just takes me so much time climbing sustained hills.

Once I have it I will be on a TT bike to gain XP and get to level 50 as fast as possible. Well after some good time period on my new train bike that is.

Don’t rush too quickly to get to Level 50, since there is not (yet) anything beyond that to keep you motivated (at least not in-game).

Light weight :slight_smile: 100Kg here, trying to drop it a bit but with 194cm to spread the fat I don’t look too bad but Zwift really knocks me for the weight. I tried lying and put 75Kg and up went my speed and the climbing was higher speed for the same pain.

I know what you mean about AdZ, been there but stick with it and then one ride you get the banner.

If you want level 50 then I suggest lots of Tour of Watopia rides they are giving double points.


Light weight both of you. :rofl: :rofl: My Goal weight is 100kg. Racing weight 90kg. LOL

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:cry: So the only way I can see the glow change on my own wheels is hard work.

I’ll just have to wait for you to ride past :slight_smile:

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We can all ride together. I will sit in nicely on your wheel. Have to imagine you both create a good draft, as I do.

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Once you earn the Zwift Concept Z1 bike, another way to challenge yourself is to capture as many route badges as you can…

Not only are you gaining XP’s at each kilometre, you earn a bonus amount upon completing the route.

A sure way to see that orange level slider move to the right. :wink:

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That’s the plan. Concentrate on tron the complete as many routes as possible with an emphasis on flats for clicking off the miles, or jams as it may be. How much bonus is there for completing a route badge? Is it a fixed amount or is it dependent on the route completed?

Congrats Richard!!

Still working towards mine, 68% i think I am now, can just see the spaceship :slight_smile:

Thanks @G_Gadgey, I expect you will soon see 69%

All listed here:

With credit fully to Eric Schlange.

Ride on.

77% with a good view of the spaceship. Trying to knock off at least 1% per ride. If I manage 5% per week that will be nearly 5 weeks away still… Ugh.

Perfect, thanks for sharing that is exactly what I wanted to review. Now I can be strategic about completing routes moving forward.

Looks like xp per route badge does vary quite a bit. From 60 up to 3460 and event only routes not getting any xp.