Zwift Concept Z2

AKA Tron 2.0

Ah, gwan, gwan, gwan, gwan, gwan. You know you want to. :smiley:

Perhaps for 40,000km (once around the Earth). Quite a lot of people have done more than that so it’s achievable with dedication. I’m only on 7,000km so a long way to go.

It’d be a fairly uncommon bike for some time yet I think.

Maybe the Zwift Moonshot for anyone who does 384,400km. No one’s close yet. :wink:

I’m not even CLOSE to Tron V1, but I’ll vote for this…always need something to shoot for once you own the best stuff, right? :upside_down_face:

like this idea :slight_smile:

You could always employ someone to use a bot for you. I’m sure I recall someone doing that for the Tron, name escapes me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*cough *cough cameron jeffers *cough *cough


terrible cough you have Mike

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