What is a Gamer to do ?!?

I love Zwift. But I am a Gamer at heart. I don’t care about Group Rides, or Academys, Crit races and Workouts. So what is a gamer to do ?

I beat all your Levels. I acquired all your Achievements. I got all your bikes.


Here are some ideas - 

  •  a 200km Jersey 
  • a 200 mile Jersey
  • a 10,000 km Jersey
  • an Everesting Jersey  (you get the idea here)
  • mods for the TRON bike (i.e. - Flaming Wheels bonus) and yes I know the wheels glow when your up the wattage
  • Ever see the movie Death Race? Put bonuses that light up in the road that you have to sprint against others to win.  

I love Zwift, but by the time you get to around Level 22-25 the gaming aspect is DEAD. 

There are more levels coming along with other enhancements (new world and another addition to Watopia has been mentioned).

I do have to agree with this. I prefer to ride solo - group rides aren’t especially appealing to me. But I also need something to strive for, got the Tron, about to get to L25, so what then?

yes! although I like the idea of group runs and races - they’re not always at convenient times and I find myself doing nothing more than running alone in zwift, which gets sort of boring/doesn’t take advantage of many features. Being able to run a PvE race, or have solo challenges or ‘mini-games’ is helpful.

There are some promised updates coming, however I do hope it’ll be sufficient enough to actually still have meaning on release to the cyclists who have been here since early on.

Years of neglect whilst continued raking in of xp gives the possibility of us getting everything on patch day, and still nothing new afterwards to strive for.

In the early Levels you get cool wheelsets, new bikes  or jerseys along the way. However once you get the TRON bike, it’s over. By far it’s the coolest bike on Zwift. It’s the only one you can pick out of the crowd, even going in the other direction.  

If you can make a bike cooler than TRON to go after that would be fantastic! (Though I don’t know what that could be). 


While new roads are always most welcome and appreciated. I find now that I mostly just wander around Watopia, getting a hour ride in. Just waiting for a cool Challenge to go after again.  

I am not a gamer per se, just a Zwifter.  But I enjoy the achievements and am working towards my Tron bike.  I like the ideas you suggest.  Once I get that and hit Level 25, I will be less motivated.

Loads of cool stuff they could add to be high level unlocks: 


What about the iconic Lotus 110, or its modern-day equivalent the Ventum One? Some other TT bikes from the Grand Tours? Or something crazy like a Penny Farthing? 

Maybe they could add different tyres to the performance mix? 

Aero helmets? 

Agree.  Let see some things that are gamer-like and less “real” – just for fun!  Riders who like the realism aspect can do their thing.  I like the gamer side.  Its fun and motivating.  In the end you’re getting a great work-out regardless.

The next great bike to lust after once you have the Tron bike could be a Colnago C50. Beautiful!