More Lvls pass 25!!!

I have been playing games for my whole life. I love zwift but today I hit lvl 25 and of course I will still be using zwift but I am kinda un motivated because I know have nothing game wise to hit since I got the tron bike and I am lvl 25. You guys should have what Call of duty has “prestige” in that when you hit lvl 55 you can prestige this gives you a special item and a new logo/badge that you start to build back up from lvl one. You also lose all your items that you had unlocked and start back with nothing. It’s a great way to keep gamers engaged and wanting more. Zwift could do this with special recognition or continue the lvls beyond 25 so others could see they have been using zwift and are experienced. Just an idea. Thanks for all you do!

In the future they maybe other ways to use XP besides just leveling up.

I am almost double the XP needed for Level 25 (I hit 25 March of last year). I know there are many others who have been stuck at 25 longer then me. 

You could try running on Zwift and start over at Level 1.

I still have 10 level to go, so it will be some time before this is a problem I face but I’m always looking for every bit of motivation I can get.

The cap at level twenty-five does seem very low. So many people using Zwift have already reached it. 

Having more levels with unlockable bikes, shoes, mitts, jerseys etc. etc. etc. would be a major improvement. 

On a semi-related subject, a friend of mine was telling me Hyundai (if memory serves) has previewed or is previewing some of its forthcoming car models on the racing videogame ‘Forza Motorsport 7’. 

I know Zwift already features some real life bikes and other bits and bobs. Would there be a symbiosis for all involved - manufacturers, Zwift & Zwifters - if Zwift could include a much greater range of real life products?

Surely the product manufacturers would be willing to pay Zwift handsomely to feature their products. It’s a great method of advertising for them which goes straight to their market audience.

I’m sure I’m far from the first person to consider this premise. I just wondered if there’s any movement on that kind of thing? It would REALLY help Zwift to open the level cap and put more unlockables in there. 

I too am a GAMER first. My last day on Zwift is 2/15 as I’ve been stuck on Level 25 for too long. I’M BORED. I don’t race, or do group rides, workouts…just don’t care about them. It’s been over 2 years since Zwift added from Level 21-25. Theres no new cool bikes to go get, no challenges worth doing. 

I would LOVE to see something like an Unreal Tournament arena for post Level 25. Make it a little bit like the movie Death Race. Wager experience points in a 10 man race. Get 3 add on’s like Smoke Screen, drop Tacks, or After Burners. Winner gets all the points, you could even drop back in Levels if you lose. I know I’m reaching, but it would be cool.

 Zwift needs to evolve past group rides and workouts if they are gonna prosper as time goes by. It’s bad enough the algorithm is whacked out by +20%.  I do love many things about Zwift, but as a gamer - I’m done. I beat your BOSS level 

I’ve been riding on FulGaz for most of this Winter so far and have yet to run out of different rides there. I’ll check back in on Zwift and see if they added any bikes better than the TRON, or something fun to make you want to ride. 

If you want me to pay $15 a month you better be adding more than just new roads.