Zwift is it Gaming or just another boring training platform?

Hi everyone. Ive been zwifting now for the close to a month. I really enjoy the program especially during this lockdown period. It is just very disappointing that there is not enough stu :grinning:ff to spend all the my drops on. Maybe look at different derailers. Cranks. Cassets. Bars. Pedals. And keep up the good work.

Panniers. Fenders. Saddle bags. Bar tape!

we can’t even change the colors of the helmets yet, one thing at a time

Customizing the avatar would be nice. And I mean really customize it.


Sometimes just like in real life you need to save your pennies up so you can get a really good bike in the future.

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And what bike would that be? I already have the fastest frame for flats, the fastest frame for climbing, the fastest TT frame, the fastest wheelset for flats, the fastest wheelset for climbing, and the Tron bike.

What am I saving for, exactly?

Can I get some colored bar tape?


The OP has been zwifting for a month.

Good morning Ben. Thats exactly it. O looked into the feture at what is available and saw that once youve got the tron bike and a couple of other goodies. Thats it no more drive to this game. At least if they started with a heavy steel frame and you worked your way up from there it would have been a lot realistic. The next thing is that all there bikes just vary in color and make but wether you are on level 14 or level 50 the fastest bike is 3 stars en 4 stars. I really think that they can learn a lot from online gaming programs to keep people comming back and getting hooked and driven to get to that next level to be able to get some reward to have what they couldt have

Hey Jim. Thats it i looked at you all with the tron bikes and thought to myself is that it? They want the carrot out thre at level 34 for a connondale but it is not lighter or has less wind resistance than my Zwift bike. I must say that it is still the most realistic training platform i have even seen. But it can be so much more.

Ben i am on level 14 and have more than 700 000 drops with bikes and equipment not making a difference from here on as there is none that beter except the tron bike

If they would give us half a chance to make a difference and change the game it would be a whole different word and not necessarily make the bike faster as that will give you an unfair advantage in race. But that to a certain extent aswell.

I thought when the game was released riders started on a steel bike. Really the difference between bikes in the game is very small, much smaller than differences in power meter accuracy. So you could be on a Specialized Tarmac Pro, for example, switch your power meter AND switch to a steel frame, and be faster.

But I love riding my Ritchey steel frame IRL. The difference in weight to a carbon frame is less than weight change from sweat loss during a long ride.

Not so.

Fastest climbing wheelset? Meilensteins.

Fastest flat frame? Paired with an 858 super 9 disc, Specialized s works venge. Followed by the Felt AR, Cervelo S5, Trek Madone, and then the Tron.

Meanwhile, the Zwift aero is the 5th fastest flat and rolling frame available below level 15 (Tron excluded), and 16th on the overall list.

Fastest climbing frame? Tarmac pro.




There are also some routes with a climbing emphasis, but some flats, where the Tarmac Pro combined with the ENVE SES 7.8 wheels outperforms the Tarmac Pro with the Meilensteins.

I have those too.

And there are some mixed routes (with some climbing) where the S-works Venge paired with the Zipp 858s does better than with the 858/Super 9 combo.

I have those too.

I also have the Scott Spark (which I rarely ride) and the Canyon Aspero (which I never ride). For TT rides, I have the Cervelo P5X.

What is there to spend my drops on now? The safety bike? :joy:

I think they need to add some consumables to the Drop Shop. Maybe packs of power-ups? Something better than the myriad sub-optimal frames and wheelsets that are there now.

My post was in reply to the op, who seemed to think that the tron is the only carrot beyond the zwift aero.

I Agree they need more, though I doubt components in the drop shop are the answer. For carrots I think they need another challenge, but they need to make it tough and unlock something that might just be useful in the back pocket of riders. Perhaps they could go the route of challenge locked areas. So rather then a level lock, have routes in all worlds where a specific challenge is completed in that world to unlock the route This, I think would be particularly tempting as you dont have an exclusion based on level. Further, right now order of challenges is pretty basic. Everest to 50000m, then cali, then Italy, and with the drop shop the only useful item is the tron and the emonda, both coming from the same challenge.

The next progression I think for the drop shop is shoes, kit, helmets, and shades.


The original question was, “is it gaming?” This question is relevant to all of us, and as far as rewards go, I think the answer has to be a resounding “no.”

They keep putting dreck in the Drops Shop with level locks that make no sense whatsoever. That’s how I got conned into buying a useless Pinarello, back when I didn’t have the patience to wait for Eric to test it.

From a gaming perspective, Zwift is really terrible. So, back to the OP’s question: I guess it’s just another boring training platform with some wannabe gaming elements.


Maybe if we knew a lot more a out the bikes then there would be more interest. But according to the stars that they alocate to each bike there isnt much different

I like those suggestions. Bring some more

I could do with some more levels for sure. I like the levels, it feels like some sort of progression.

I think Zwift strong point apart from the 24/7 access, is that there is quite a lot to do.
Had enough of workouts, try racing, maybe concentrate on some route badges, or join some group rides, or a Fondo.
However for that to work, we need more levels, more routes, more monthly challenges etc. Not to mention the long awaited. . . . . Oh I said I won’t mention that… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Come now. Spill the beans. Long awaited…?