Z-wheeler trike

(Marcus) #1

Please bring back the “ZWIFT Z-WHEELER” trike! Obviously not as a quick bike but it’s fun to ride around on a ‘rubbish’ bike sometimes!

It also has uses, say if you’re riding with friends or in a group ride which is ‘too easy’ for you to gain any training benefit from, then this adds a handicap of sorts and keeps you with your friends. I do this occasionally with the Buffalo bike, but it’s only a few % slower so not much help/hindrance.

(Tom) #2

These things are more for occasional days, halloween, April fool, Christmas, easter. It would look to much as a game to me…

(Daren) #3

It is a game. It looks like a game all the time. People ride around on bikes with neon tubes for wheels. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Daren) #4

Gets my vote! :smiley:

(Marcus) #5

Agreed with Daren, the Tron bike used by >50% in races already makes it clearly look like a game.

Imagine races (up the Alpe!!!) on Z-Wheelers…
CatA on Z-wheelers
CatB on Buffalos
CatC&D on Trons

There’s loads of good serious fun on Zwift, let’s have some more silly fun too! :smiley:

(Johnathan) #6

I would love to do a trike only race!

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

But the Zwift environment should simulate the riding experience of a trike, where your cadence is proportional to the wheel speed.

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(Johnathan) #8

Only if we can drift coming back down the Alpe.

Tell me that wouldn’t be a fun mini game. Trike racing down the Alpe. Do it just like the outlaw race used to. Neutral around the top loop and racing starts at the banner.

(Z Kryder) #9

how about 5 million drops? and level 50

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(Marcus) #10

Yes, just seen this! That would be an awesome goal! Just spent all of my drops on the 858/disc though, so a long-term goal!

(Marcus) #11

Is there any chance of us getting the trike? It’s already in Zwift, so literally all that needs doing is a line of code to put it in the Dropshop (Level 50 and 5 mil drops?).

It’s so little work that the folks at Zwift HQ managed to do it accidently with the 808/Disc :wink: hahaha

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(Johnathan) #12

I could see a fun Trike recovery spin now.

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