I unlocked the Tron Bike in just 450 miles

Detailed Stats
Months Taken: 2
Reverse KOM + Radio Tower Repeats: 90
Average grade across total distance: 6.9%
FTP Increase: 24 W
Remaining sanity: None

What’s the shortest distance you can ride to unlock the Tron Bike?

The Strategy:
Level 1-5: Innsbruck Reverse KOM repeats (x12)
Level 5-8: Reverse Epic KOM + Radio Tower (x90)

  • Beats out ADZ in terms of efficiency because of ADZ’s long lead-in
  • Ending the ride at the top and spawning back in at the bottom instead of descending like a normal person saved ~3.5 miles each time

An effort was also made to minimize experience points and keep my rider level as low as possible. Each ride was ended at 3.9 miles – the whole ride is about 4 so the radio tower elevation was essentially free each time. All rides were done in imperial, since miles are slightly more experience efficient than kms. Achievements were avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Future Improvements
Sub 400 is absolutely possible if some improvements are made. In the beginning I was riding the descents of the Innsbruck Reverse - re-spawning and re-doing the lead in instead of descending would save you about 4 miles each time. There’s an interesting article on Zwift Insider that implies using the new steering functionality could save significant distance by taking the most efficient lines up the climbs.

As far as rider level goes, if someone is totally crazy, the Tron Bike could be unlocked at LEVEL 1 by ending each ride at 0.9 miles. I experimented with this for the last ~1,500 ft of this challenge using the Reverse Epic KOM and the Jungle Spawn – I got ~200 ft of elevation gain each time, but it took just as long to exit/reload the game as it did to ride the distance. Totally insane.

Closing Thoughts
Zwift is full of cool and fun ways to enjoy indoor riding - if you want to avoid all that, this is a great way to spend the off-season. I haven’t seen a Tron Bike unlocked at a shorter distance or lower rider level… I welcome any and all challengers :slight_smile:

This is bonkers but brilliant!
I love seeing people come up with different ways of motivating themselves. Well done on finding something which probably no-one else has done!! :slight_smile:


Nice job!

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There’s no easy way to get to the Jungle spawn point until level 5, is there, though.

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I understand your objective - to get as few XPs as possible per ride.

For the general public, I’ll add the point that to maximize XPs, use metric units, since you get 20 XP per kilometer versus 30 XP per mile. Ten miles yields 300 XP while the same sixteen kilometer distance yields 320 XP.

Interesting. Once you completed the Everest challenge, can you start a new challenge, but not lose your elevation stats to get the Tron bike? OR do you have to not choose another challenge until you get the Tron bike even once you receive the Everest challenge.

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG! Ignore this post. I checked with Zwiftinsider and you’ve got to have the Everest Challenge selected for the vertical to count towards the Tron. Sorry for the confusion!

Once you’ve completed the Everest, you can move onto other challenges and the vertical kilometers for the Tron bike will continue to pile up…

I don’t think that’s true. I’m pretty sure that you have to have the Everest challenge selected for the elevation you accrue to count towards the Tron bike. It’s been four years since I got mine, though, so I could be wrong.


You are correct.
I recommend do the Everest Challenge on the way up.
Do a workout to maximize XP points.
Find a recovery workout that has interval of 5-8 min and adjust your ftp so that the watt goal is what you want to ride.
Tab over the slow intervals.
Do 2-3 workouts like this up the Alp.
If you get tired, lower the FTP in the work section.

Always ride down to get the free XP points.

On the way down, switch to another challenge so the downhill miles will count toward something.

If you forget what your FTP is, set it low and just ride hard for 20 min and it will reset.