Zwift stole my TRON bike

So, I rode the final 500 meters of ascending this morning to complete the Everest challenge and receive the TRON bike.
I stopped the ride and selected the newly acquired bike through the menus and then ended the ride, uploaded and exited.
Next, I restarted Zwift with a new location and hopped on my trainer, ready to test out my new steed.
Much to my dismay, I found myself sitting on a standard Zwift carbon bike, not my new TRON.

To make a long story short, my previous ride was not registered, despite the fact that I can see it in my activity history. I restarted everything and signed back in. Still not registering.
So I rode another 235 meters of ascending to make up some of my deficit and ended the second ride, with the intention of completing the balance in the afternoon. Well, turns out Zwift did not register the second ride against the Everest challenge either, despite the fact that it too happily appears in my activity history.

So I sent a quick message to Zwift support, who promptly replied:

While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations and game mechanics. I’m sorry about that but I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll manage to take part in the Everest challenge and that you’ll get your bike. :slight_smile:

While I duly pay my subscription and ride my bike on Zwift’s buggy system, at least I have the comfort of knowing that Zwift support is keeping their fingers crossed that the services I am paying for will work at some point in the future…

What was the distance ridden? Care to try, say, 5km (with 235 meter of elevation…)?

Possibly, Zwift does not register rides below a certain minimum distance (just a guess …)

Rides were 11.2km and 7.7km.
I have had shorter rides than this registered without issue before.

sorry… :confused:

Did my repeat 500m ascending ride this afternoon and this one has registered properly.
That’s a relief. I was really concerned that this was going to be an ongoing issue.


If you have Zwift open on multiple devices that can happen.

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I got the same cut and paste reply about technical limitations , when Zwift “lost” my 7.5 hour 107mile FullPRL and level update, despite the complete course and level update being in the ride Log)

Worst nightmare… wow.