Parlee speed mission

Anybody elses ride not register kms after saving

Hi Anthony, yes, my rides/mileage is not registering either. I hope that they are able to backfill this data. I submitted a ticket via email this morning.

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My ride from yesterday registered.


Make sure to save and exit Zwift when you have good internet.

I would suggest using the Menu - end ride path. Give Zwit time to process the rides before clicking Save.

Thanks Gerrie for the response. That is actually the way I ALWAYS end my rides, and it seems to have no affect. Everything is saving and uploading to the companion app so everything there is good.

Could there be any difference in the platform used? I am currently using Apple TV. Do I need to perform a “log out” or anything, perhaps?

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The users with ATV suggest to always completely close the Zwift app.

see about 3 min in


I just checked my ATV box, it needed updating even though its on auto update, this happened before when rides didn’t log so hopefully this will sort it.
Will find out tommorrow.

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That does happen with the ATV, for some reason apps does not always auto update.

Sorted just updated ATV done a km to test and it registered, ready for the morning now.
Thanks Guys

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Thanks for letting us know.

So updating the ATV fixed the problem. Good news!

Thank you all for the useful info. My Zwift client was updated to the current version via auto update, but thankfully the “Force Quit App” trick from the video you posted Gerrie DID solve my problem and now I am tracking miles (rode .5 miles AFTER force closing). As a long time Apple product user, I should have thought about that myself :frowning: Guess I will have to get into that habit after each ride now to be safe.

Anyone know if there’s any possibility that the 50 miles I put in over the last 2 days can be backfilled into the mission OR can I kiss those goodbye (at least as far as the mission is concerned)?

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Hi @Will_Peters_HERD

Good news that you got it fixed.

I would normaly say you could e-mail Zwift and ask for credit, they are very helpful.
But with all the is happening around the wold things are a lot slower as you can imagine.

The good thing is you found the solution early and have time to make up the miles ridden.

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I think I might have to do just that…

I was biking in the living room while we watched a movie, the missus on the couch, myself on the bike… And so I wasn’t on my PC but on my Android tablet.

EDIT: the Android app is definitely on its latest version, and was on the latest version prior to starting the ride. I never got to see the T&C’s, which others have also mentioned…

It all worked really well during the ride, but when I was done, I did the save and everything like discussed above, but it ended up not counting it for the mission.

Quite sad about that now. #sadface

These missions are a pain when they don’t register your distance. It goes from a fun game to a ball of frustration and anger. My wife checked that she had the latest ATV app this morning, did the ride, and now she’s angry that she didn’t get credit for the ride. Same thing happened in the last event. This is such a disaster of a way to run things.

Zwift, you really need to figure this crap out. Either don’t announce the start of the event until you’re certain your platforms are ready or code it to not matter about the version of the app (this part is insane to me). I work in software, this isn’t rocket science coordinating releases. You just have to have a plan.

Now I have an angry wife and nothing I can do to help. Frustrating as all heck.


Yes, happened to me. Did a warm up, joined a meetup and only the warmup counted. Next day, did a warm up, joined a meetup…all counted! To be honest, I’ve been doing missions since 2017 and this kind of thing has happened on almost every mission since then. You’d think it would be fixed by now. But at least this one isn’t that ahrd to achieve. Had a climbing mission once, think you needed about 10k meters. Had about 5k that didn’t end up counting. :sleepy: :sleepy:

It is definitely frustrating for sure… and I feel all your pain, even though I’m a relative newcomer to Zwift and this is my first mission that I’ve signed up for. I’m not sure flaming on Zwift is the right course of action though. Yeah, they could possibly do better at Q/A’ing their releases, but in my case as I was running the latest version and STILL had problems, I almost feel it’s an issue platform side if all I had to do was “force close” the app and everything is now (rode 40 miles this morning which DID save to the mission).

I think to limit some of the frustration from the user base, Zwift Support SHOULD be a little more forgiving when something goes technically wrong within the app and stats DON’T get recorded, as they have all our data and can obviously see we put in the work, so we SHOULD get credited for it (even if they have to take a few moments to backfill some data (it can’t be that hard to do)). Maybe they are forgiving in this manner (I’ve read some horror stories on the forums and online in that regards), but I can speak from personal experience that thus far with my current situation (50 miles unrecorded), I haven’t yet been credited OR received a reply from support as per the ticket I placed earlier this week (I do understand they MIGHT be busier then normal with so many more shifters online given all that’s going on in the world).

Enough ranting. :wink:

Gang - please update your game app to the latest version.

For AppleTV I’ve seen cases where apps are supposed to auto-update but don’t. Here’s how to manually update your ATV apps

For those of you that have the latest game version and are still seeing this issue - please raise your hand so we can assist.


We did with the last event, had the same problem, reached out to support, and we got was the same message. Update your app. Simple, template reply. No credited distance, no help, no nada. :frowning:

She did make sure she was up to date with TvOS and the Zwift app.

Having same problem…April 2nd it counted my miles . Today it DId NOT count the miles. App is up to date .

Just like you , same thing happened on the last event