Ride not recording on Ceramic Speed mission

Seem to continually be having a problem with rides updating on missions.
Just done 42k for ceramic speed mission on iPad with current software. No issues with ride. Distance not showing.


Same here : I did log in the Ceramicspeed Challenge, did 40 km with a MTB and nothing got recorded. I just checked back this morning and I was not subscribed to the challenge anymore… (iOS - iPhone)

You can’t sign up in iOS (and maybe don’t ride with that) cause Apple don’t allows gambling

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Same here. IOS Ipad. Did registered for ceramis speed mission as well.

Thanks mate that would be it then. :+1:

Also having this issue with Android devices. Just did 40k on MTB and still 0 k’s in the mission totals

Using Samsung Galaxy Tab and Pixel 4XL

Last night a 30K ride of mine for the Ceramic Mission was not recorded; several rides I did before were recorded properly … Thinking back I seem to remember changing bikes immediately before riding on the missions and not changing it before the one that failed to record.
On the ride before last I purchased a new TT bike from the drop shop and equipped it before logging off, when I logged back in and finished it did not record on the mission even though it is properly recorded on my.zwift.com and as an activity on zwiftpower.
Using Apple TV and companion on android phone.
(hope this helps in gathering info on this issue or maybe avoiding it …)

As an update did a ride this morning and used zwift on my android phone. Worked fine! So don’t know what is what here!

What? I sign up for these missions through my Apple TV regularly and have not had any issues.

What OS have the ATV?
I thought only iPad and iPhones have iOS?

All my advices for Apple are from hearsay :shushing_face:

Apple TV uses TVOS, but it’s still an Apple product.

Then it maybe works with TVOS and MacOS but not with iOS?

I don’t remember where I got it from, that it don’t work with iOS.
Maybe @shooj can explain.

From what I remember, from the Parlee RZ7 mission, you can sign up for a mission in iOS and get in-game credit.

However, to be eligible for any potential IRL prizes you must sign up online at Zwift (or another platform) if you are using iOS. As you said, this is because of the way Apple controls the App Store.

Ok it’s getting silly now just done stage 1 of the your for all and despite getting a banner to say completed its not showing as so on my dashboard, however has registered for the ceramic speed mission! @shooj any ideas please.
Using android with up todate software.

Same problem with me, I should have been done with my mission already but the ceramic cycling mission counter isn’t updating. I use andriod, ios, appletv, ipad I tried everything and still doesn’t work. My first few times of the mission recorded well but it didn’t record after that. Im stuck with 23/120 road, 52/80 tt, 21/40 mtb. Which after those entries I already ridden an additional of 52 road, 78 tt and additional 21 mtb but it didn’t update the previous records.

Becoming very frustrating… Road and Mtb complete. Done 112.3kms on TT bike, NOT a single km registered.

Likewise did a TT ride yesterday and it showed as a road bike ride.
Getting a bit miffed now. I know in the context of the current work situation this isn’t important but having a goal does help.

I did a 5 mile warmup on my TT bike before the Tour for All ride started. I did not switch bikes at all, just hopped into the start pen about 5 minutes before the ride. I completed the 23 miles on the Tour for All and ended my ride. After looking later the 5 miles counted towards my TT in the mission, but the 23 miles did not. I had no issues with it recording during events on the road bike. I did 2 races on the road bike and those seem to be recording normally. Not sure if this information helps, but hopefully we can all get our miles.

Did a 40 km ride before in an MTB but didn’t registered. But a couple of days ago the TT ride recorded and my Zwift for all your didn’t register for Ceramic speed challenge road bike using my iPad OS

I’m signed up for the Ceramic Speed Mission and have completed the road bike portion. Then I rode the “Jerome Clementz & Jean Biermans // Wahoo Shred Sessions which is an MTB ride through the Jungle. The MTB bike was pre selected for me. I didn’t even have to change bikes myself. 34km. No credit at all for the MTB portion of the challenge. I rode it on an MTB bike (auto equipped by ride) but maybe I had to select one myself?