Ceramicspeed Mission..... Mountain bike status


I seem to have done all the kilometers for each bike, but I am concerned that the Mountain Bike component is not green.

See image below:

Anyone else have this issue also?

Mine is all green. Did you try doing an extra km to account for rounding errors? Did you get a mission complete badge or banner?

I don’t recall getting any of those acknowledgements… I might ride a few more Ks on the MB. If I don’t have any success I’ll contact Zwift.

Stephan, I am having a similar issue. Although I had no issues in the game recording my km’s for the mountain bike or road bikes, my TT distance isn’t showing my correct distances. I’m not sure who I should be contacting or if I just let it slide - its just a game, right.

Hi Richard,

You are right '‘it’s just a game’, however and expensive one at $22 AUS/month…so with that in mind I would contact Zwift in person, like I am about to do…

I only show 6 MTB km. I did 14 on one ride, 14 on another and said forget it…went on to the road bike. Finished no problem. I moved on to the TT, was 3km shy so I did another ride to complete it, no credit. Today I did 34km to finish the MTB miles and again, no credit. I still only show 6km😢

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Completed! I started Zwift today and changed my bike to a MB, pedaled 3 revolutions and completed my mission!.. Thanks to all those who have responded. I hope you can complete your Ceramicspeed Mission also.

I believe if you don’t officially complete the mission all you lose out on is a digital badge and a jersey. You don’t get to keep the over sized jockey wheel after the month regardless.

I did the Wahoo shred session an an MTB and the distance hasn’t shown up on the ceramicspeed muffin data.

Kierin, the same thing happened to me. I submitted a ticket this morning but have heard nothing back yet.

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I’m seeing a similar issue with road bike. I’ve completed over 80 miles as of today and the graph indicates I’m short about 2 miles… I rode an extra short ride this evening and there wasn’t any movement on the bar. :woman_shrugging:t3:
I submitted a ticket, hopefully this issue/ bug will be resolved. It’s only fair (being that we are paid subscribers) even if it’s just a game.

I’ve had no movement on the road bike bar at all. The other two factors were accurate for distant completed. Has anyone had response from zwift about this problem?

A couple of days ago I was about 5km short of completing the MTB. I had done the distance but Zwift wasn’t counting all of it. Well, today, it shows the MTB as completed. I wonder if it will count the TT kms I did today. Zwift does move in mysterious ways.

Road bar isn’t working for me. I recorded over 60 miles and nothing… 'll try the TT and MTB this weekend.

this mission seems to be throwing up quite a few issues

Is this thing still busted. I can’t get any miles on MTB .

I only joined last weekend. I was assuming that my May riding totals so far would be added in but when I logged on last night all I had was the distance on the TT bike.
I also wonder if gravel bikes count as MTB or Road?

Nope, have to join then distance from that point on should count (but as you can see above people had problems). Good question about gravel bikes, I don’t know. But the only thing you are going to get out of completing the mission is a jersey so I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

I would assume MTB count for MTB and Road for road, so you you need to ride one of those, there is no distance category for gravel so it may count for nothing. So to be safe use only TT, Road and MTB.

even then it’ll probably count for nothing :rofl:!