Ceramic Speed Mission

Hi guys, I have done 37 miles on the TT bike and only 8 of them weren’t part of a workout. How do I get the other miles to count?

Not sure if this helps but none of my MTB miles have counted so far.

Zwift is all fu…up. I did the CeramicSpeed MTB Ride and so far im at zero. I did 40k TT and im at at zero but it looks like it went to road…

For the record - I had no problems - even switching bikes in the middle of the ride to do some mtb kms in the jungle. Everything recorded smoothly.

Now the real value of missions past advertising someone’s product? Debatable.


I’ve been having loads of problems with this too, see my thread here…

Same issue here. I did the Wahoo Shred session on 5/12 (31.1km) where you’re forced to use the Mountain Bike and didn’t get credit towards the CeramicSpeed mountain bike distance. And it wasn’t like I even had the option to choose another type of bike!

I ended up just having to make up that distance on another ride. Frustrating!

I’ve had no problems with logging the miles but I feel I’ve been complete conned! Just discovered that completing the mission doesn’t allow you to keep the ceramic speed upgrade after May, just an ugly black jersey!

This has been marketed in a really confusing and ambiguous way by Zwift - in many 3rd party media sources it was reported that you would get to keep the advantages of the CS jockey wheels by completing the mission.

Her is the official Zwift Mission Info : https://zwift.com/events/series/ceramicspeed-mission/?utm_source=ericschlange&utm_campaign=zwift_cycling_affiliate_ericschlange_apr19&utm_medium=affiliate.

And Zwift insider also has the same words.

Don’t trust every on Face book.

Wasn’t just Facebook - GCN and one or two other sources had reported this differently.

But why not provide the CS upgrade permanently for completing the mission?

At least you managed to log the miles correctly - i had to do over 100 miles on a TT bike (i hate TT bikes!) and it is still showing as needing to do 4 miles even though I have completed the mission and am currently wearing the jersey in zwift as proof!