CeramicSpeed Cycling Mission - TT miles not counting

I have completed the road miles, changed to a mountain bike and completed that all fine but when i tried to do the TT section of the challenge the miles aren’t showing up.

i changed to the zwift TT frame and rode for an hour but it is still showing as 0 TT miles.

do i need to change anything else other than the frame to get the TT miles to regiser?

I rode the TT bike for just a couple of miles the other day, prior to another event, and those miles didn’t show up for a day, or so, but then they did. Not sure why, though.

maybe mine will appear soon then!

fingers crossed!

have done two more rides without the mile being added.

anyone got any ideas?

TT miles should show up if you use the TT bike.

Make sure your Zwift app is updated and restart your device before each ride.

Initially I had the same problem. I used a TT bike as a free ride and then joined an event. I changed bikes in the pen for a road bike. All miles counted only towards the road bike.

Next ride, I again warmed up using a MTB as a free ride. However this time I saved the ride, logged out and restarted Zwift - no problems all miles counted as MTB. I then did a workout, using a MTB, and again saved the ride and logged out. Success - all miles counted for MTB.

i’ve had no issues doing MTB or road miles, it is just TT miles not showing up

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everything is up to date, I’ve done three rides on a TT bike but no miles showing against the TT part of the challenge.

is it just selecting a TT frame that I need to change? anything else?

Sorry, forgot to add that I did the same thing with a TT frame and this worked fine too on the 2nd attempt. I did swop to a Zwift TT frame (my first choice is normally the Shiv and this is the frame I used on the first failed attempt) and saved the free ride before logging out/back in. Which TT frame do you use?

just the zwift TT frame.

i have saved and logged out/back in but still not working

no big drama - not like i was going to win! haha

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I also used the standard Zwift TT.

I did one ride and switched between Road, MTB and TT during the ride and the distance for each counted correctly.

zwift clearly just hates me! :smile:

just to be clear – i don’t need specfic wheels or clothing etc? just swap the frame?

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All my miles on each bike type seem to be working fine. Struggling to offer any other suggestions.

Its just the frame category that is needed.

Shame that your efforts may not be rewarded…

Ride On

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no worries - thanks for trying

i don’t like TT bikes and have done about 70 miles on one now and that’s more than enough for me!

Same here. I like the draft of being around the other riders. Hard work doing it all yourself!

I find a workout helps to pass the miles in such circumstances. Focus on the watts and not the bike/draft…

Ride on

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Just this one.

update to this.

last nights ride and this morning’s ride both counted, the only thing that was different is that i was doing a free ride and not a workout.

do workouts not count to this or is that a bug?

Apparently there is an issue when freeriding a TT bike and joining an event without quitting the app and swapping bikes in the pits.
I had ridden 43km a couple of days ago on a TT bike as a single freeride, and all was recorded well.
Today I participated in 2 differrent tour of all events, and before event 1 a did a freeride of 8k on the TT bike, followed by immediatly joining the event without quitting. Same thing between event 1 and 2: I switched temporarily to a TT bike for another 8k or so.
After finishing all rides today, my TT counter is on 26k, so 17k less than this morning :frowning:

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Therefore, apparently it is best to exit the zwift app after your TT-ride, and starting again to join an event…

Hi Tom. I think you are right. My only issue was, as you describe, joining an event without saving and logging out & back in. All other times has been ok.