CeramicSpeed group MTB ride not recorded as a MTB ride

I did the CeramicSpeed sponsored MTB ride this morning and looks like Zwift attributed the ride to the bike I was on prior to the ride rather than a MTB ride. I would think we wouldn’t have to load the proper bike from the garage, since everyone was put on a MTB by default for the ride.

What Event?
In the fineprint only free rides and their events count. Not other events, workouts or meetups.

CeramicSpeed MTB Group Ride with Miguel Canelas, CeramicSpeed Mechanic and Triathlete (D)

Same issue for me.

I did a 30km TT bike ride yesterday, then a short 3km warmup TT bike today, followed by the CeramicSpeed mountain bike ride of 38km.

So I should have 33km of TT progress and 38km of MTB progress.

Checking on my phone just now, all of it has been put to TT progress.


It’s worth noting that the 3km TT ride and the 38km MTB event ride were part of the same session - i.e. I rode 3km before joining the event.

I did only free rides.
10km with the Zwift MTB, then I purchased the Scott Sparc MTB and did another 36km with that, all in ony session. I saved&exit (better save than sorry), started zwift again, switched to Cervelo P5 (TT) and did ~30km.
Then I did another ~50km with the P5 the next day.
All counted as it should, my MTB and TT parts are done.

That’s good, but it doesn’t shed any light on whether it’s an event-specific bug or a general one.

If I start a ride on a road bike and ride 10km, then swap to the TT and do another 10km as part of the same ride, I wonder if it’ll all be added to the road total or be correctly allocated.

I hope my 38km on the MTB can be fixed, because I’ve spent enough time in the jungle for now. =)

If you switch bike manually, it should be recognized and it should count.
As I switched from Zwift MTB to Scott Sparc and all counted as it should.

Maybe just the auto-bike selection for the groupride went unrecognized.

Tomorrow I’ll ride the Megapretzel for my 120km road bike part.

I’d already finished the road bike section and did this afternoon’s mtb event to rack up the bulk of the mtb distance but nothing was shown on the progress bar. I manually switched to the Zwift mtb for a short cool down and the Km’s recorded correctly.

Hope Zwift can sort it out, so I don’t have to ride laps on the mtb again :smiley:


Those are both mountain bikes though, so it would look right even if Zwift didn’t take any notice of the bike change.

Someone in the zwiftinsider comments did the math, riding mtb on Fuego flats will get you miles faster than in the jungle. (Flat vs hills). If you want to speed it up, skip the jungle


I don’t want to ride the MTB, more to the point.


What he said. I’m not concerned about reaching the required minimums, since there literally isn’t much other exercise I can do. I just would rather ride a roadie or tribike (even if it is virtual).

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But I switched also on the next ride from the Scott Sparc to the Cervelo P5 and it all went to the TT part.

So next time switch manually to the bike type on the warmup you want to ride with the event.

Yeah maybe if we warm up on a TT or MTN bike when we join an event that automatically changes our bike type to road bike we can get the credit without having to actually ride the bike types we don’t want to

I also did 10 miles on the Zwift MTB just now in the Jungle as a free ride, no event, but my miles did not log in on the MTB ride as well. I hope Zwift can fix this.


Thanks. I just rode 23 miles with the MTB ceramic speed ride on a mountain bike and received miles on a road bike. That stunk.
I’ll try on Fuego flats next time.

I had exactly the same issue - rode the same event as OP and received road miles credit, none to MTB. I did not do a ride beforehand.

A friend of mine was on the same ride and received MTB credit along with an email stating he had finished the MTB portion.

Please adjust ZwiftHQ!

I started the missions with a short ride and rode each bike type for at 2-3km per bike. Had to quit and restart as you can only see the mission when you start. I am pleased to say that all had started for each bike type.
I rode the rest of the 40km on the mountain bike around the jungle circuit but did not get any confirmation it had completed that part. Technically I did an extra 2KM just to be sure. Saved, Quit and restarted and the MTB is now showing as complete. I then changed to TT bike and rode 10km and checked that updated which it did.
Yesterday I did the remainder for the TT around Volcano Circuit. I only had 68km to do but went to 70km just to be sure. Again no confirmation that I had finished the portion of the mission. I was spent so could not complete my 25 laps but did get 10XP every lap so a good route if you want to help level up. Saved, Quit and restarted and I can confirm the TT section is now complete.
Got these out of the way as prefer using a road bike, weird I know but don’t like riding TT or MTB IRL so just felt wrong.
Planning to complete the remainder this week whilst tackling some of the Tour for All events.

Can’t comment on the Ceramic Speed events but if it forced you on a MTB then would have expected it to count towards that. Sounds like a possible bug where it is looking at your current bike from your garage and hence it recorded wrong. I am sure Zwift HQ can adjust your activity so it would count against the correct portion if that is the case.

I can confirm switching bikes during a workout will also count towards the mission. I went from the tron bike to MTB when I hit the jungle and then back to the tron when leaving the jungle during a long workout and it all counted in the correct categories for the mission.

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yes. I was on the same rde. the exact same thing happened to me. i only got credit for riding 8k. And thats the distance i did after the finishing the ride. Looks like all my K’s went to the road bike. just like yours.
hopefully we can get our K’s back.