CeramicSpeed group MTB ride not recorded as a MTB ride

My MTB group ride yesterday also all counted towards the road. I was on the Tron bike prior to the event.
At least my road 120kms are completed now, so I think I will do all riding with the bike I am trying to complete, so Zwift cannot get confused (hopefully)

I did the CeramicSpeed MTB group ride yesterday - 4 laps of the jungle. I noticed this morning that I had zero miles credit for MTB in the Ceramic Speed event and it appears that the credit was given to the road category.

Is there any way to correct?

A couple of people have reported this. Seems like you need to select a mtb before going to the event (even though you are given the mtb in event). Hopefully they can fix it and the plethora of bugs in this update.

I did choose the MTB prior to the ride and was credited properly.

That must be the issue. I just assumed, since the ride was MTB mandatory, I didn’t have to.

Silly me and my assumptions.

I don’t really care - I’ll just get on the stupid mountain bike and do 40k. I’m just frustrated with the apparent lack of any software QA/QC from HQ.


Just don’t get the MTB and do the TT part…

I did almost all the mtb bit on Saturday night no problem. Just did 33km on a tt bike but it hasn’t logged it on the mission. Did a few km on the mountain bike afterwards on a new activity and it logged that fine

I have checked some options.

Free ride and switching bikes does account for distance of each bike. One free ride I rode on all three options (Tron , MTB and TT) LOL

Did a event changed bikes in the Pen to TT and the TT km was counted towards the TT distance.

Same problem. Did 3 laps in the Jungle on a free ride, not a group. Got 0 km credited as MTB. I already have the road miles completed, so I don’t know if the ride was mis-characterized as a road ride.


Just finished the 17.00 MTB Group Ride. In all my time on Zwift this must have been the worst group ride I have ever been on! The Ride Leader didn’t have a clue or decided he was going to go for a ride of his own after stating that he would be starting at 2.0 W/kg. Also, no chat, no nothing. Would have been better to go off for a Workout on my own. It just shows the difference of standards in terms of Pros interacting on Zwift. Have been on massive rides where the likes of Andre Greipel and Michal Kwiatkowski have done superb jobs in terms of chat and encouraging riders. Completely missed the mark here and does nothing to encourage new Zwifters or mountain biking on Zwift. The only plus side is that I have now completed the MTB distance for the Mission and can avoid any future MTB events. Also, can now get back on the virtual Pinarello Dogma F12/Lightweight Meilenstein wheels and return to a far superior experience!

That’s sucks. Most leaders are quite good regardless of their pro status infact the complaint is heard recently was that some new pros doing leads were doing a terrible job (mainly because they didn’t know what was expected/the norm).

I wonder who the rider leaders are? Ceramic speed people or ride leaders from other rides?

BTW you don’t need to do the group rides to get the km you can do free rides.

You’re probably right in what you say with this being an example. The other thing that happened to lessen the experience even more was a flyer on the course who looked like he was doing 100 mph. There was some chat from Zwift HQ about it being their fault rather than his fault though. It might have been due to his new oversized derailleur?! Grim.

Yeah. There’s been bugs recently.

Something I’ve spotted - I started a ride the other day on a MTB (before a group ride event) and then when I started the event, I was changed to a road bike, yet the pre event ride and the event ride were counted as MTB mileage.

and again yesterday, started a warm up ride on an aero bike, started a Tour For All event which changed me to a road bike and all the mileage was counted towards road bike.

I did some MTB miles in the jungle after a road group ride today and Zwift hasn’t counted these towards the mission progress. Does it take a while to refresh or is this a bug? Thanks!


Yes, this is a known bug that we’re working on.


@shooj Thank you!

Thanks for the confirmation. I did a Jungle Loop free ride yesterday on the Zwift MTB and did not receive credit. Will the bug fix backdate and give credit it should I wait and then redo? Cheers.


I had the same issue this morning. Jungle Loop on Zwift MTB solo ride, zero miles counted towards mission. Annoying.

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Just did the Ceramic Speed MTB group ride and didn’t get any credit for the MTB miles. (Ride was only 23 miles long so when got to the finish line I noticed it put me back on the TT bike. Changed to the MTB and rode another 3 miles. Got credit for the 3 miles but no credit for the 23 miles of the group ride. I’d already maxed out the road and TT miles so no idea if the miles were credited to the wrong bike type or just weren’t counted at all.