CeramicSpeed group MTB ride not recorded as a MTB ride

Similar situation here. Was close to the end of the mission - missing only 21 km of MTB - and joined an hour of Wahoo Shred Sessions (MTB) event. Was riding road bike before, the event changed my bike to MTB automatically. What’s funny is that during the event I was shown the notification that I have completed the mission, I got the jersey added to my garage collection, I can see the mission badge in my profile, but the mission “pop-up” (the one on the left of Zwift start screen) still shows MTB part as not completed (as if I haven’t done the Shred event on the MTB).

From what I have read here, I wonder if there is a issue that Zwift does not take auto bike switch into account only manual switches.

So if you want the km to count you need to change bikes before the event, even if the event put you on a MTB.

Well, it doesn’t, and does at the same time. For me it did - because I got the mission notification, the jersey and the badge (which, I guess, are the most important elements from any mission point of view) - and didn’t - because the mission summary pop-up was not updated.

Same issues for me - some rides counting, some not, regardless of whether I was on that bike to begin with or switched to it just before the ride - I would love to get the lost miles as it would take me to mission completion. If not, happy to re-log the miles but would want to know what I have to do to make them count so I don’t have the same problem all over again

Same as most here. My sister has completed the mission using a PC. I have missed a pile of kms on different bikes. I did 25 k tonight, free ride, and got no kms added to anything. I use an IPhone.

I’ve done three TT (gross!) rides in a row and only received credit for the first and third. The 2nd, uncredited ride was yesterday, May 11. Unfortunately, that ride was (would have been) the bulk of the TT required distance - and didn’t count! Should I log a support request, or is it not worth it?

Has this been resolved. Started ride with Mtb twice now and awarded 0 distance each time? Does one have to do the Mtb route? Can one just ride the 40km which I have done with zero reward? Last one needed to complete the distance

Don’t think so. I have not been getting MTB miles.

It would be nice if we could get some sort of update.
I really don’t want to keep riding routes to get this and have nothing count. Will those km’s be added when the fix goes live? Do we have to do them all again after the fix?

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I’ve lost 13km from the road bike section and 16km MTB. Both were free rides with no manual direction changes/U-turns and both were after previous kms for the respective bikes had been counted towards the total. Time is running out to complete the mission and I don’t want to have to keep doing extra kms just in case they’re not counted - very frustrating.

Same problem and same question. I keep doing solo rides on TT and MTB but don’t get any credit… Will this be awarded when bugs are fixed?