Ceramic Speed Mission KM attribution

So I did 30km, taking part in the “BC Bike Race: Ride to Win with Geoff Kabush” (“Road to Ruins” Route) ride. Obviously, everyone were on MTBs.

Here are my Ceramic Speed Mission status pre/post ride:

I was credited 30km… on a ROAD bike?? What gives?

Here is my take, which is certainly not scientific: My thought is that you didn’t SELECT the MTB, but were just put on it automatically for the ride. So, from Zwift’s perspective perhaps you were still ‘on a road bike’. Again, just a thought. And if this is the case it’s a bug, IMO.

My selected bike was this:

… and I don’t mind being credited either way, but I would have expected it to go toward my MTN distance, not ROAD.

Simply looking to understand the logic…

It would be nice to understand the logic, for sure, as there seem to be a number of comments about this mission.

Also: I wish I could get those sort of graphics on my ATV 4K. I can almost see the stubble on ‘your’ legs! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: