Ceramic Mission not working for me

I see the Mission, click Let’s Do This then i see the 3 categories for miles. However i did a ride and wanted to go see my progress but when i hopped back into the game the Mission said ‘Lets Do This’ again. It’s like it’s not letting me set the mission. I’m starting it from an iPad or an IPhone and both have up to date Zwift apps.

Hi @Robyn_Richardson9062! You can’t enter into the mission on an iOS device, I believe this is due to Apple’s terms and conditions not allowing gambling, and since you can win a real OPWS this is considered gambling. Funny right!

Please Note: To be eligible, you must opt-in for this Mission via a Windows, Android or Mac device. You may complete the Mission via an iOS device, however, opt-ins to participate via iOS are not permitted.


Hi @Robyn_Richardson9062

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Did you save the ride the ride and was the ride longer than 2km?

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe_PBR i bet that’s it.


No problem, hopefully we can get back outside soon and get some group rides in with the Pedal crew.



To be clear: You can also enter the missions through the Apple TV app. Why this works, but doesn’t work on iOS devices, seems very odd.

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I use AppleTV for Zwift and iPad for Companion. Entered CSpeed event via the appleTV). I didn’t get any kind of error, and very quickly earned the road bike piece as noted in the challenge box on the screen.

But then I participated in a group MTB ride (CeramicSpeed terms and conditions say ANY RIDE on Zwift qualifies). 34KM in the jungle but zero credit for the challenge? It’s been a few days so I doubt a reconciliation is coming.

I plan on doing a test of 5K or so on MTB and also on a TT Bike to test. If they don’t register, I’ll pull the plug on the challenge.

I entered on an iPad. There was no update, then suddenly one of my rides updated it… not sure what’s going on.