Other Avatar Jumping in and Out

Recently; maybe since the last update but seems worse last week or so, I have seen 2 bugs that may be related:

  1. Other avatars in a larger bunch flicker in and out; it’s not network connection just graphically they flash on and off as if they are on the cusp of the 100 rider limit. Seems some sort of software smoothing/histerisis is not working.

  2. When my avatar is on the cusp of being in and out of draft as it moves position to and from being in the drops and sitting my up it does a crazy fast head bob. Again seems like some sort of software histerisis smoothing is not working.

BTW ref item 1 I hate that 100 avatar limit; I understand why you brought it in as a quick fix to peoples issues when numbers online went crazy but there has to be a smoother way of doing it now, riders just popping up out of nowhere when it’s busy looks rubbish!



See below for thread that covers “avatars flickering in large groups”

Haven’t seen a crazy head bob but could imagine that would be a pain. Maybe just ride the tron which doesn’t sit-up in draft (if you have/like the tron that is).

I dont get the mad flickering of riders in/out of large groups but get a bit bugged about chat also being limited to closest 100 riders. Thats a pain in large and longer rides/races when a bit of chat helps break the boredom.

Yeah that looks like the same issue; I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything….

Yes Tron would alleviate the head bobbing but I don’t like to use Tron all the time; depends what I’m doing.

The 100rider limit is annoying; it should be done on an ‘as required’ only basis not forced on everyone all the time.