Why am I the only one sitting up mid pack?

Hi - did a race earlier on (Mikkeller and Friends) and I was the only one in the pack who was sitting up! Everyone else was down on their drops so why wasn’t I? Anyone else seen this?

The only time I went on the drops was when I was leading the pack or in second place. Any further back, but still in very close pack formation, I was sitting up.

Don’t know if I got any drafting effect either, certainly didn’t feel like compared to when I did the same race last week.


Hi @Pete_Gibson

Your rider will sit up when you are in the draft. You wont see the other riders do that, but if you look on their screen you will see them sit up and you will be in the drops.


Ok, cheers. Seems slightly counter intuitive though.

Same as IRL, once you are in the draft you can sit up and enjoy the ride.

It just illustrates how life is really how YOU perceive it. To all the other riders you are hammering in the drops but in your world you are sitting up enjoying the draft.
Also, there are points in a race where your avatar might pull out of the pack and maybe take a look around. I bet the others don’t see you do that because they are doing it as well but you don’t see them do it. Life is nothing but your perception :joy:

yes but the effect is by far a lot lower … in zwift you have a sling shot catapult rocket like lightning speed fast boost IRL you won’t wind resistance AERO and stuff like that will keep you low! if you are a tall guy even more but who cares. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Reading comments so far I would add that in many events we all wear the same jerseys, and often identical assigned bikes, and there are limited helmets etc, so it can be hard to know which avatar is yours. So if you can see the only avatar that is heads up… That’s YOU !

I think that’s the purpose…

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