Going wide while cornering and dropping places

I am a heavy and tall lump so this may answer my own question, but everytime I go around a corner in a race, especially a hairpin, I drop several places and go very wide. The other riders seem to hug the corner and this results in me having to up my effort by 50w or more to get back in. I am 95kg and 195cm so this could be the reason, it would be good to know as I can’t find anything on Zwift or in the forum.

I am over 6 feet tall and notice the same type of reaction when cornering. My avatar seems to go significantly to the outside of a turn as compared to other riders, and I lose places more so than IRL.

Maybe it is a height penalty, Zwift punishes us taller chaps by 2 seconds for every cm in height on a flat course over an hour apparently. Are you over 90kg too?

I figured it was a height penalty as I have seen some YouTube videos documenting the general penalty that taller riders have in Zwift.

My weight is approx 81.5 kg, so I am not too big but definitely not a tiny rider either.

Getting gapped in corners for no apparent reason is not a height penalty. It happens plenty to less high people.

Thanks Steve. So it happens to people of all heights? Could it be that I am peddling to hard as I approach the corner and this makes me swing out, it’s very annoying and I wish I could find out what is the cause. Nobody seems to know!

I too am tall (but heavier than the OP :frowning_face:) and had the same issue. I finally figured out that accelerating into the corner helped a lot. I still go wide, but generally stay in the same relative position. I think I may have been subconsciously dropping my power output when heading into a corner (who goes flat out into a hairpin right?). This meant I not only went wide, but dropped back.

Thought it was just me. Very annoying and I have learned to start a mid corner sprint just to keep up. Is there a jersey for that :slight_smile:

Not sure about the rest but this happens to me every time and I cannot believe that I am always the tallest or heaviest rider. I’m 1.8m 80kg. I cannot phantom a use case where this is suppose to happen.

No I doubt it. Accelerating into the corner is actually the only way to maintain position for me. If I maintain the same power I lose positions and if I at the back I’m gapped immediately.