Squaring off and leaning into corners

Hi, I was messing about with the different views last night and when in first person (3) the squaring off of corners by riders is quite noticeable, especially the last sharp left hander after deliverance hill. It would good if riders leaned into sharp corners as well when at speed rather than riding bolt upright all the time.
Other than that, like the rejig of the interface and the w/kg is an interesting gauge to efforts.
Looks like those flat spots on Col de Zwift have been ironed out as well in this update.

Cheers, Dave.

By flat spots, do you mean your KICKR used to drop out for a brief second and that seems to be fixed?

Agree on the leaning.

Hopefully w/kg will allow us all to police the community to suppress blatant cheating, plus it’s really helpful to gauge other riders effort since we can’t physically see the human we’re riding with to get clues.

Sorry, yes the brief KICKR drops. Those seemed to have been sorted out which is good.
The w/kg is excellent for judging other riders efforts, sprinting, climbing and riding in a group. As you say you can’t see the effort in their faces so this is a way of judging it. Fun to see heart rates as well. Power = effort, HR = cost of effort.

Ride tonight. Subtle leaning into corners??? Looking good.