What's wrong with my race tactics?!

So, just did a B cat race on the Yorkshire course. Put out the same wkg as the winner but came in 12th. Whilst I’m lighter than the winner so absolute power is lower this is quite a hilly course. Also, there are guys who beat me on lower power. (Zwiftpower results screengrab: zp|690x435)

Another thing I noticed is my wkg were higher than practically anyone else in the group I finished with. I have to say I always feel like I’m working harder than anyone else in the bunch I’m in. Whenever I look at their numbers and they are around 3.6/3.8 wkg. I’m nearly always around 4wkg which doesn’t give me much left to play with for climbs and sprints!

Any ideas how I can improve / what I might be doing wrong.

Hi @Chris_Leather, looking at the normalized power, most of the finishers ahead of you had a larger swing between NP and avg power. Your’s was pretty close to even, meaning they had more surges in power and you stayed more steady. Are you staying in the draft most of the time? Seems like you are conserving energy pretty well. Are you staying with the front group the entire race?