New to cycling and confused how Riders are heavier pushing out lower W/kg yet finish a few minutes up the road, or lighter pushing out lower watts - miles ahead. Same race.

Today I averaged 3.65w/kg, 73kg. Some chap was 3.4, 77kg and was like 3 minutes in front…

Where am I going wrong? no drafting in race.

Me…34.20 Average 264w 3.65w/kg w73kg
Rider 1…30.50 Average 260w 3.6w/kg w72kg
Rider 2…31.37 Average 266w 3.4w/kg w77kg

Any help welcome.


If the route you were on was mostly flat, the w/kg has less impact than if it was hilly. Zwift’s algorithm takes into account the actual wattage on flats or downhills so those a bit heavier at the same w/kg will have a slight edge on speed.
In this case, their average w/kg may be the same as yours, but they could have pushed much higher w/kg on hills and cruised on flats at lower w/kg using someone’s draft. I call it “big guy advantage”, Newton’s first law.
Where you are wrong is assuming a heavier rider churning out more watts than you is going to be slower.
Newton’s first law is why big guys ride gravel faster, those 160mm rotors can’t stop them so they ride through the nasty bits.

Thanks Doug…I added some more info.

Makes sense. But the lighter riders with lower W/kg are miles up the road too.

No drafting in race either.

Are you sure drafting was turned off, was it a TT race with everyone on TT bikes?

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No TT bikes but defo no dradting. Normally you get the “close gap” message etc…

…unless you’re on a TT bike. What bike were you riding?

Just checked my avatar. I had the TT bike selected :slight_smile:

I was wondering why my rider was down on his bars the whole race.

well that explains it, you didn’t get the draft while they did.

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yeap…although I still struggle with the draft. Still miles behind similar riders. Notice my W/kg is like 3.3 ish when drafting…maybe need to push harder.

Always get smashed it the start. Even when hitting 350w for a minute.

You might also need better virtual equipment. When you’re not on a TT bike, what do you ride?

As in home setup? Normal road bike on a Saris Mag + turbo and Jet black sensor.

What bike/wheels does your avatar ride in-game?

are OK…just the normal bike Zwift carbon bike with standard wheels.

Take a look at


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Thanks for that…managed to get some better wheels with points I have.

How do you get enough points for new frames?

Another plug for Eric:

Brill…thanks for your help.