Dropping places while cornering, poor technique?

I think in general this is the case …

Its another example of avatar rendering is NOT consistent between clients . This is just a small but obvious case of this .

Like all the other cases of this however it means ( as OP has stated) he upps his power to try and “stick with a group” he THINKS are up the road but they are not , they think HE is up the road . If everyone sees this , the chances are everyone does this and then its a self fulfilling issue when you have to up your output or face getting dropped on corners . Thats actually the complete opposite of real riding where cornering is about ride craft and not raw power .

Some have said that our avatars actually slow down going around sharp corners and that accelerating through the corner will keep you in the bunch or help you break away. I know that Eric Min once said on a podcast that he would like to see something like that in crit races on Zwift to better reflect how real crit racers perform. I don’t know for sure if this is what is actually happening but it seems to work for me. Others have definitely talked about this before though.