Droping on corners

Yes, I read other such topics, but there must be a way for it. Due to the fact that I have it all the time, I have to give up group rides on curvy routes. In France, on a certain stretch of road, I always fall out of the group - in the group people have about 3w / kg, I have 5w / kg and I fall off. At each turn I have information on the top, a gap of 5 meters - just after the turn it disappears. So I can’t race on these routes because even 5w/kg won’t let me stay with the group.

If you are entering the turn with a 5 m close the gap message showing, you are basically out of the draft already at that point, and the turn will probably make you lose even that little as well. Maybe next time try riding right on the wheel of the rider in front, ideally in the middle of the blob.

Before turn I’m in group on every corner I have info “close gap 5m” if I have to push up to 5w/kg to stay in group. But afert 4-5 fast corner I always drop… If group is big like 50 riders I lost 20positions but can stay but in smaller group I have no chance. This wasn’t one time. I have the same problem every time on curvy route- today on TdZ Stage 4.