Riding with same category riders and still being dropped

Hi, I am fairly new to Zwift, and it may be my lack of knowledge, but i have one thing I don’t understand:
I have done a number of group training rides specifically for my race category - C. I have followed the lead rider guidelines of e.g. riding at 2.6W/kg. I get dropped pretty quickly, which is fair enough, if I’m not going fast enough. However, when i look at the results, I often have a better overall power and w/kg than the lead riders. What have i missed? Is it down to my bike or something to do with my riding?

Hi @John_Hughes8

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Make sure that you are not on a TT or gravel bike in game.

In addition to what Gerrie says, you need to make sure you stay with the main bunch at all times. Once you are riding solo, there’s far more air resistance so you’ll go slower even if you work harder. Especially if you’re just off the back of the bunch on a downhill, it’s easy for the big bunch to roll away from you.
There’s a little bit of skill involved in anticipating when you need to pedal a bit harder to stay in the group.

What is your weight? On a flat course raw Watts count, not W/kg. Means disadvantage for lighter riders.

85kg, even my raw power is same as other riders think I need to try and stay in the group p a bit harder

I’ll try to stick with the group a bit harder at the start. I’m ok a Ribble road bike I think, I’ll check

That’s the key. You (almost always) won’t get near the pointy end at the end of the race if you’re not in the front group throughout. :+1: