Dropped from group ride?

Hi …Lately I have noticed on a few group rides that I find myself getting hard dropped even though I am working at a higher watt level than the ride leader .

Example …a 1.5 advertised group ride …I am riding at 2.0 -2.2 and still getting dropped. I have been riding and racing for 30 years in the real world and I understand drafting etc … I don’t think that is the problem … Wondering if my setting need to be tweaked ?
Any insight welcome and thank you

What kind of course is it? Are you a lighter or heavier rider?

Are you on a TT bike?

No …not on a TT bike but thanks for the response

It was rolling hill ride …I way 165 5’8"

Group rides don’t always follow the advertised pace. Was the ride leader actually doing 1.5?

Hmmmm that’s hard to tell since I was dropped and could not see him on my view. Is there a way to scroll up to see folks ahead of you

Not in-game, but on the Companion app you can. Also, on the Companion app, you can limit the “nearby Zwifters” display to just people you follow.

Thanks…not sure how to do that but appreciate it

Look at the ride on Zwiftpower and you will see all the riders and the pace they rode at, the leader will be annotated.

Zwiftpower? Don’t know what that is ?


It is where the “real” race results are shown, and also will show the group rides and events you do once you complete the convoluted sign up process.

Ok thanks …how do I find it ?

Hi Paul, Zwiftpower was a third party results service which race / ride organisers use to set up their races, it contains a tool set so we can set the race/ ride parameters.
Zwiftpower became a part of Zwift last year. It has a list of all the ride / races which are on the platform so you can use it to find a race / ride which suits you.

It also shows rider details of speed, power, race finishing positions, riders who have been DQ so you can see how riders performed.

The easiest way is to search for it in google and then sign up, personally I think the sign up process is quite straight forward but others may disagree.

On the subject of Group rides, there will be some that will follow the ride parameters and some that don’t, the important thing is to always be close to the ride leader group, designated by a yellow arrow. If you do fall behind because of group dynamics it is hard to catch up again. Most rides will have a sweep team to help you. I would recommend Pack, ZZRC, ZZHC, Viking Valhallla, Revo but you will find ones which suit you. Remember, it’s all about having fun. Hope this helps.

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Thank you …I most likely will not sign up for zwift power but appreciate the feedback .
Regarding group rise /.I am very aware of the dynamic. My question is related to the reason why I get dropped in certain group rides when the leader is on pace and so am I

The group leader could be heavier and putting out more raw watts, if you aren’t in the draft the group will fly away much faster than you on your own. Make sure you aren’t on a TT bike, gravel bike or mountain bike. Start hard and stay with the front of the group that the leader is in, if you start drifting towards the back push hard and get back towards the front. Focus more on your position in the group, not your w/kg.


Thanks…I felt that I did all those things…Appreciate the response however