Why does my zwift guy always take the outside in a turn?

When riding in a pack and the pack goes around a turn my avatar seems to take the longest line and puts me out of the pack losing places.

How do you evaluate that this is the actual reason you are losing places? What you see on your screen is not the truth. Just as you can be first over the line on your screen but turn out to be second or third in the results.

Generally speaking, in the bunch you take the outside corner. Since you cannot steer, your exact line is a hostage of fortune. Solo, you stay much closer to the inside corner.

This can be validated empirically. I’ve been doing the American KISS at Base rides all summer, three times a week. The regular sweep often bridges long gaps with one or two riders in his wheel and generally speaking dangles off the back. On average, that makes his ride about 1 km (!) shorter than middle of the pack riding on a two hour ride (works for me, too, btw, but I do less work so it’s more in the 500 to 800 meter ballpark).

Hi Eric
Thanks for the response. It’s not my finish place and it really isn’t a big deal. I was just wondering why when the whole field goes into a corner I seem to always be out in the wind.