Standstill at intersections

Hey guys, I’ve already reached out to lots of people about this issue, even reported it to Zwift HQ but nothing seems to work. When I’m freeriding in Zwift and my avatar reaches one or the other intersection all power seems to be cut. Although I keep pushing my avatar comes to a complete stop for a period from 2 to 10 seconds before re-engaging. Some have told me that my avatar is just being cautious to avoid accidents but he stops after the intersection so that can’t be the reason.
No, all jokes aside, I’ve tried all sorts of actions to stop this but all to no avail. As I mostly participate in group rides both as leader as well as regular participant it is not a big issue as here the problem doesn’t occur, it’s only when I do a freeride.
I recently tried to follow a pace partner around Watopia and had to let it go because my avatar stopped at the first intersection. Anyone else got this problem and how can it be fixed ? Thx.

Hi @Dany_Willems, I’ve never seen this reported on the forums before, sounds very strange. Have you tried a full reinstall of Zwift (and removed all Zwift document folders first)? Make sure to backup any custom workouts as they will be lost.

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A reinstall has been tried but I’ve never removed all Zwift folders at first. I could give it a try. Thx for your reaction Mike.