Troubleshooting overtaking


I seem to have noticed a few issues when riding recently. If I pedal up behind certain riders my avatar seems as if it sticks and cycles along at a slight angle behind. Also if I decide to overtake my avatar pulls alongside but doesn’t overtake and then gets sucked back in behind the rider i’m trying to overtake. It doesn’t seem to matter how many Watts I put down i just can’t pass. I’ve also noticed that if I’m racing up a hill and it happens it seems to affect my time. Is this a connection issue?

I have also been told that when others are watching my avatar in a group ride I seem to spend a lot of time doing U turns in front of them when going up hill, could this be related?

Has anyone had any experiences of this?

Search for “Sticky Draft” in the forum.
It is a well known problem/feature.

this is not normal… and not the usual “sticky draft” that @Ole_Jensen mentions. Might be two different issues going on here…

Can you drop a log file into to see if you are getting any strange network errors or signal drops? You can search on Zwift’s support page for how to locate your log file.

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