Steering bugs during races

Hello, this is my first topic and probable I’ll do something not correct. Paese be patients.

I’LL Like to understand if it could be possibile, listen to me.

During my last Race, todays, in Yorkshire some gamers steered just across a little bridge. They rode outside tarmac shortening the 90 degrease left turn :man_shrugging:.

They gain 8-10 seconds at least.

Opinions? Any other experience like mine?

Hi @Giuliano_SBR3athlon welcome to the Zwift forum.
The steering function in beta testing is currently limited to some of the off-pavement trails in Watopia, so it’s unlikely you would see that happen in Yorkshire.

When other players’ avatars do strange things, it’s more likely that someone’s internet connection was disrupted momentarily. If only one avatar does something like you described, it’s probably that player’s internet connection.

If you see a group of avatars doing what you witnessed, it’s more likely that your internet connection was momentarily disrupted.

Was there a time when all the avatars disappeared and you were left alone? That will happen if your internet disruption was lengthier.

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Hi, I don’t think so. Good observation, but the peloton, was splitted twice. Me and some other fellows back. I was still pushing, i was in the front alternating in the head of group.
Zwift, It’s a wonddrfull platform and I’m sere if some bugs happnes it world be solved. If it was not a bugs, I’m happy we can push and amaze racing in this strage period :blush:

I’d want to see screen captures to understand what you’re seeing.

On the Zwift Companion app, there is a camera icon that saves still images to the smartphone / tablet that’s running ZC. Would you have that ready for the next race you participate in?

For sure! Next time it happnes I’ll great to take a picture! If anyone else racing that circuit could pay attention in that turn it could be helpfull understanding!
Or if some one is testing steering is able to replicate it!