Speed and lag issues fixed?

(S Schofield) #1

Logged on last evening and saw a biggish update go through before lanch. Only had time to do a mile, and nobody else was on, but it looks to me as though huge advances have been made witht the speed lag issue. My speed respnded much much faster than it has done to a hard kick and was quicker to come down when backing off the watts. This suggests that the lag problems which made staying with other riders, and responding to attacks in simulated racing and the like, look to maybe have been solved. No other riders on the Island to test it with sadly. Are there any UK based beta testers?

(anon18154799) #2

I saw the same thing on my last ride on Wednesday. Pretty stoked.

(David Morris (nova.cc)) #3

Hi Simon,
Dave Morris from Harrogate, UK here. You’re a member of Albarosa aren’t you?? I’m Nova.
I’m just getting up to speed with Zwift, my PC’s a bit under-powered so have just ordered a new graphics card.
Maybe see you on Zwift island some time soon.


(S Schofield) #4

Hey Dave, that would be top. Serious shortage of riders in GMT time zone atmo. Maybe see you in the real world at Prologue.

(Richard Pointer) #5

I have a slower machine. The new release definitely helps with speed and lag issues. There were about 4 riders on today and I was able to stay with them. Also, AI rider speed is much more reasonable. Thanks Zwift for the update - makes it much more enjoyable!