Avatar slowing when catching up to someone in front

I’m not sure but didn’t Zwift resolve this issue? You ride up behind someone and then smack into them and you lose about 10% of your speed. Really annoying if you are riding up a hill and constantly have your momentum blocked by traffic.

I’m pretty sure Zwift fixed this a few updates ago but since the Titan’s Grove update it seems like it’s back again. I just did the Zwift academy hilly race and was carefully watching my speed to check. Uphill I’d get knocked back from 20 to 18km/h when I came up behind someone and on downhill stretches I’d go from 49 to 45kmh.

Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just imagining it? On iOS by the way.

Yes,this is probably the most annoying thing on zwift imho,as you describe its like hitting a wall, and if you are in a group and passing slower riders you can bet that you get stuck behind someone and dropped by the group before you break the “sticky” draft, i understand that this is a tricky problem,without some “stickiness” it would be difficult to get in draft and hold it.A little of topic i feel like my avatar sometimes does everything to avoid draft lately,ill have a talk with him about that the next ride😆
Ride on👍