Cornering Visuals

Something has been intriguing me for a little while …

I know that what you see you avatar doing on Zwift is not necessarily what everyone else sees it doing, but I have noticed that when cornering in a group my avatar always pulls out of the group onto the outside of the corner and rides wider than everyone else.

Does everyone’s do this (presumably so you can clearly see your own through the corner) or is my avatar particularly bad a holding the inside line?

No, mine seems to be the worst line chooser in the whole of Watopia.

I also find mine swerves more than others when overtaking/passing slow or stopped riders in the middle of the road.

Happens to me. As far as I know, everyone sees it like this. Partly to do with Zwift keeping your avatar in the middle of the screen. If you’re in the middle of the screen and the game engine is drawing everyone else as if they’re taking a good line, you’ll always appear to be on the outside.

Here are some examples:

From an Ed Laverack stream (yellow Tron):

A Chris Pritchard stream (pink Tron):

An Ash Beech stream (orange Tron):

In all of them you can see they’re more or less taking the widest line.

Thanks for the responses … makes sense that it would work that way, just never seen anyone mention it.


I wish it were just a “visual” thing, but the avatar actually breaks out of a single line paceline to take the long way around corners and go to a stationary rider in the middle of the road. Annoying to me, and to the rider behind who now has to make up the break in the line

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Don’t confuse the visual presented to you with what happens in the game engine. It’s not because you appear to break the paceline that you actually do. The riders in front and behind you are also getting this break from the line on their screen.

And this is my point… These scenarios would never happen in real riding. Don t get me wrong, I love the app! I have happily put in more kms/hrs than I have since I was racing 25 years ago. But, I feel this is an annoyance that can be remedied within the game engine. A paceline should be a paceline, especially within races and group rides.

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