Out of the group draft


Someone knows why I get out of the group draft in each tight corner? Thanks

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I think this is more of a visual issue than a real one. The reality of Zwift is that not everyone sees the same thing; and the game always draws your avatar in the middle of the screen.

If you were next to another rider in the real world, I think you’d see that they’re seeing you in the bunch, and them on the outside of the bend taking a wide line.

It’s not just cornering, either. In this photo, you can see that the rider in the orange jersey (middle screen) doesn’t even appear in either of the other two people’s views.

OK, he’s slightly behind the person on the left (although I expect should be in view), but he’s in front of the person on the right, and should definitely be visible.

Anyway, the point is that what you see isn’t necessarily reality (the fact it’s a virtual world so nothing is reality notwithstanding).


But I still do not understand why the group goes inside the curve and I go through the center, I understand that the virtual world is rendered and I can focus on it but it can also focus on giving the curve inside the same as the group.

Thank you