Avatar does not go aero

Hi, I have been using Zwift with my wattbike for a couple of years and enjoying very much. I have noticed that I don’t or rarely seem to go aero, even when I’m pushing out 3w/kg or more on a flat. All the riders around me are aero so I’m wondering why, when I’ve got decent consistent speed up, I don’t get lower. I’ve seen a couple of related topics but nothing that addresses this specifically. I’ve changed my bike and that doesn’t seem to help (I’m level 19). Grateful of any insight

Hi @Simon_Voysey_AMRT

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Your rider will get out of the saddle and into a sprinting posture if you exceed 2x your FTP wattage.

So if your Ftp is 200w you have to do 400w to get into a sprint.


Thanks Gerrie, I’m trying to figure out why my avatar won’t go into the aero position though. Any idea why, when everyone around me is aero that I am not. I’m half sitting up the whole time!


I guess it’s because you’re in the draft. Paolo.

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Thanks Paolo - i can’t seem to aero much at all. When I’m drafting I can see riders around me in the aero position, but I’m not. Same when I’m on the front. I feel like I’m putting the work in!

What you see and what others see is different.

Your avatar, to your view, doesn’t ‘get aero’ in order to help you recognize when you’re in the draft. Other riders, however, would see your rider in the aero position and their avatar ‘sitting up’. If you want to see your avatar in the aero position more often, you’ll have to get to the front of the pack and pull!


Thanks very much everyone - time to get back on the front! Cheers