Sprint position

(B Trodden) #1

When cycling on flat I always seem to be the only rider not In the sprint position I have a tacx satori turbo trainers. Many thanks

(Galen Kehler) #2

I’m having this problem too, my avatar seems to sit up a lot. How do you lock into the more aero position, I hate wasting watts.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #3

Your rider will sit up when he is in the draft of another rider ahead of you, and assume a more aero position when not in the draft. The only way to never sit up is to use the TT bike, but then you will never benefit from being in the draft.

FWIW, your rider will assume an extreme aero position on a descent of greater than (I think) 5% and your speed is in excess of 35 mph and you have stopped pedalling.

(B Trodden) #4

Thanks :pray:

(Lin Alan) #5

If you are on the TRON bike, you will never sit up or stand up. However, the TRON bike does have a sprint animation once your watts get high enough (orange w/kg ??)

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #6

Just to add to that the TT bike also has a sprint position, but also stands up (from user prospective) when climbing and the cadence drops below 70.