Cycling Sit/stand cadence

It seems if I end up just around the sit/stand limit the rider goes up and down on the saddle like a kangaroo. Suggest to have a sit down limit e.g 2 rpm above the stand up cadence rpm to avoid this? Eg stand up below cadence e.g 70 and stay stranded until 72 to avoid the flippering?

This should only really apply on climbs, on the flats you need to be doing double your FTP to have your rider stand. When climbing are you at your lowest gear? If not try downshifting so you can bring your cadence above the 70RPM limit to prevent your avatar from standing.

Your avatar will stand when:

  • You are putting out more than double your FTP watts
  • If you’re on an incline over 3% with a cadence below 70


Yes it’s on climbs and on long climbs going easy I am quite comfy seated around 70, hence the idea of putting in a buffer to avoid jumping up and down. So rider could stand a <70 and stay up until cadence rises above e.g 72. I don’t mind avatar standing while I’m seated, it’s the up and down repetition that disturbing

Could just make it a user configuration setting. Even if its in the Zwift ini file, it would be nice to have.

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