First Ride Feedback

Really smooth and responsive first ride. Only thing that was noticeable to me was:

During a significant incline, it appeared that there was a brief climbing animation on the rider (different than the normal seated pedaling), but it did not last for more than a second even though the incline continued. Not sure if there is a power or cadence trigger for this, will try again soon

I think it would be cool to do something like have the rider stand when over 8-9 watts per kilo for more than 5 seconds! But as much as I’ve been on it (just hit level 8 in the "experience bar) I haven’t seen it correlate to anything.

From what I’ve seen it looks like the rider stands when your cadence drops below some threshold but you’re still generating power. I think it’s about 60 RPM.

Thanks Noel, tried again and that seems correct. I think it was below 70rpm, pretty consistent if on an incline. A little harder to ensure a low rpm with a dumb trainer, but still awesome.