Horizon treadmills - something to know

If you’re thinking of getting a Horizon treadmill that claims to connect with Zwift, be aware that while it is a very nice treadmill (mine’s a 7.4) that it does NOT transmit actual speed, only the speed value you have selected. When you change speeds your avatar immediately jumps to the new speed with no ramp. Also, if the TM is not accurately calibrated (mine is off a minor 0.1 mph) you will get an inaccurate speed on Zwift. Runn, on the other hand, transmits actual TM speed and your avatar will ramp up or down on speed changes.

While I think the 7.4 is an excellent performing TM, I was very disappointed that it does not transmit measured speed, and seeing my avatar jerk forward or suddenly halt in group workouts is annoying. I’ve moved back to using my reliable Runn. So much for getting a “smart” TM.

I think you’ll find all smart treadmills do this.

That’s because they are sending the selected speed to Zwift and not the belt speed as the Runn does.

You’ll only notice this in workouts between a cool down and high speed session for example. Your average runner who will only increase pace up/down in 0.1 increments won’t really notice.

To be honest I’ve never really paid attention to the avatar during speed changes as I’m either looking at the button on the treadmill or the speed indicator on screen.

Bit harsh to single out Horizon as like I say every smart treadmill will be the same. You could increase the speed incrementally on your treadmill rather than pressing one of the preset speed buttons on the console.

That’ll stop it happening.

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