Calibrate direct connected Treadmill (via bluetooth)

Is there a in-game way to calibrate a connected treadmill that sends the speed to zwift?

I cannot calibrate my horizon paragon x treadmill (which is directly connected to zwift as a speedsensor), but i know from my stryd it’s about 0.6km/h too slow.

I want to use it as the speedsensor because it does also record incline to strava,which stryd doesn’t.


If the data being transmitted by your treadmill doesn’t match the belt speed I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it in game. Sounds like you need to get an engineer to calibrate your treadmill.

I did that, no way to do it they said.
Just want to say zwift 10.6km/h is 10.0km/h.
Like it’s possible with a stryd or so…
But when you connect the treadmill the calibrate symbol is not there. Would be fine to do something like this, an easy way to calibrate a treadmill.

You can normally increase belt speed versus reported speed by adjusting the voltage going to the motor. There will be a little adjuster wheel on the main circuit board. Give that a little turn and it’ll increase power to the motor.

Ok thanks, i will give that a try.
Could there be any danger of getting the treadmill wrecked this way?

Just looked out for anything to adjust here, can’t find anything.

No, it’s how they are set and adjusted by the manufacturer.