Calibration of Reebok smart treadmill

Hi I’ve just bought a new treadmill “Reebok fr 20z Float ride”, I need to calibrate Zwift with it, calibration is 2mph out.
There is no spanner/wrench icon on start screen.
Any ideas ?

Is the treadmill directly connecting to Zwift?

If so it should be sending the data that the treadmill is displaying.
There’s variation in Reebok models, some are smart, others less so.

Yes it is,

It is sending data but 2mph slower

Well it goes without saying this shouldn’t be happening with a smart treadmill.

I’ve never come across this in all my years of treadmills and Zwift.

I’ve a few potential theories but before I go into them can I just clarify and I’m not trying to be patronising but…you’ve not got Zwift in Km/h and the treadmill in Mp/h have you? It’d only be 2 out at 5km/h / 3mph so walking pace.

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Definitely in mph both
I’ve read some where that there is an issue with the spanner/wrench not showing
I’m hoping it will pop up after a few runs

I’m connecting Zwift via my phone and then connecting tread mill to rebook treadmill when it pops up

In reality it shouldn’t need calibtrating and you may never actually see the spanner.

The treadmill should be reporting the speed/cadence directly to Zwift via BT.

Is it always 2mph out or does the difference increase/decrease the faster you go?

Are you able to screenshot the pairing screen. I’m a little confused by your last sentence.

I think you mean you are running Zwift on your phone and the connecting the speed sensor as Reebok Treadmill when you do a search?

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Hi Andy

I’m having the same issue with the same treadmill! Zwift is reporting the speed about 2mph slower than the treadmill is and it’s clearly wrong from the speed I’m running. I haven’t installed Kinomap yet but that’s my next step to see if it’s an issue with Zwift or the treadmill’s Bluetooth.

Would be great if we can adjust it in Zwift


Now that’s interesting.

Same treadmill.

Hi Andy

I flicked both the treadmill and Zwift into KM/H and it’s working fine now. Hopefully that fixes your issue too :slight_smile:


Great news. Sounds like there’s some issue with the firmware of the treadmill that it’s sending out incorrect speed transmissions via FTMS

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So I have just bought a Reebok FR30z and am having the exact same issue. I will try the kph trick others have used!