Reebok FR30 Floatride

Hey, does anybody know if the Reebok FR30 Floatride connects to zwift?
The support page says it’s Kinomap compatible, but no mention of zwift:

Many thanks for any assistance.

Reebok sells an FR20z and FR30z that seem to have the necessarily BLE connection to support Zwift but it looks like the FR30 “non-Z” does not support Zwift directly.

In order to connect to Zwift, you’ll need one of: a footpod (Stryd?), or a sportwatch with virtual run mode (Garmin, maybe others), or something that physically attaches to the treadmill like the NPE Runn sensor.

or you can simply use QZ app :wink:

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Thanks, that is good to know!
I looked at the app, but couldn’t find the Reebok treadmills in the compatibility list.

if it has bluetooth and it doesn’t have a builtin tablet we can make it work!

Hrm. Interesting. Just looked up that app.

Is there a master thread on that one? If it enables more people to Zwift without specialized hardware, it sounds like a good thing. Deserves to get some exposure…

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Zwift moderators aren’t happy about QZ. I don’t know why. Just spread the app manually. :smiley:

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For what it’s worth, other people use James Terrell’s “PainSled” and “RowedBiker” apps to bridge Concept2 rowing machines (RowErgs) to Zwift and the NPE-CABLE pod can bridge a C2 RowErg to Zwift.

The thing with the RowErg is power data is hyper-accurate so it’s not game-breaking.

I could see Zwift being dubious of other fitness equipment with less accurate power measurement (elliptical, random spin bikes etc) as the data might skew in-game results.

For a treadmill though, it doesn’t seem like a risk as long as the speed matches - it’s easy enough to calibrate treadmill speed.

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Hey, my Reebok FR30 treadmill arrived today and sure enough, zwift doesn’t recognize it.
So I tried the QZ-app, but it also was not able to find it.
@Roberto_Viola: What can we do, to make it work?

Open a ticket on the qz gifthub site and Roberto will be in touch

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Yes open a ticket on GitHub and we will figure it out!