Reebok FR30 Floatride

Hey, does anybody know if the Reebok FR30 Floatride connects to zwift?
The support page says it’s Kinomap compatible, but no mention of zwift:

Many thanks for any assistance.

Reebok sells an FR20z and FR30z that seem to have the necessarily BLE connection to support Zwift but it looks like the FR30 “non-Z” does not support Zwift directly.

In order to connect to Zwift, you’ll need one of: a footpod (Stryd?), or a sportwatch with virtual run mode (Garmin, maybe others), or something that physically attaches to the treadmill like the NPE Runn sensor.

or you can simply use QZ app :wink:

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Thanks, that is good to know!
I looked at the app, but couldn’t find the Reebok treadmills in the compatibility list.

if it has bluetooth and it doesn’t have a builtin tablet we can make it work!

Hrm. Interesting. Just looked up that app.

Is there a master thread on that one? If it enables more people to Zwift without specialized hardware, it sounds like a good thing. Deserves to get some exposure…

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Zwift moderators aren’t happy about QZ. I don’t know why. Just spread the app manually. :smiley:

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For what it’s worth, other people use James Terrell’s “PainSled” and “RowedBiker” apps to bridge Concept2 rowing machines (RowErgs) to Zwift and the NPE-CABLE pod can bridge a C2 RowErg to Zwift.

The thing with the RowErg is power data is hyper-accurate so it’s not game-breaking.

I could see Zwift being dubious of other fitness equipment with less accurate power measurement (elliptical, random spin bikes etc) as the data might skew in-game results.

For a treadmill though, it doesn’t seem like a risk as long as the speed matches - it’s easy enough to calibrate treadmill speed.


Hey, my Reebok FR30 treadmill arrived today and sure enough, zwift doesn’t recognize it.
So I tried the QZ-app, but it also was not able to find it.
@Roberto_Viola: What can we do, to make it work?

Open a ticket on the qz gifthub site and Roberto will be in touch

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Yes open a ticket on GitHub and we will figure it out!

Nope, the FR30 does not (officially). The FR30z does, supporting transmitting speed and letting Zwift control incline. Sorry, I am not allowed to post the link.

Seems like identical hardware so maybe it just needs a firmware update. But Reebok doesn’t seem to have info on that.

I like this treadmill, but it looks like Reebok isn’t really up to the task of supporting devices like this so I’ll probably spend a bit more on a Sole.

I bought the FR30, I can’t find the FR30z in Canada.

Initial impressions are that it is pretty nifty.

It’s very comfy to run on. The track is narrow though.

I like how clean the controls are. No LCD, just the basics and lots of room to place phones or tablets.

The audio alerts are a bit obnoxious/piercing. There is no way to turn them down.

Kinomap support is included out of the box, but what a wretched app that is. Despite great Internet, the videos buffer indefinitely for me and searching for workouts in their library is essentially futile. The app doesn’t control the treadmill at all either.

Bluetooth is provided by a USB dongle that hangs off the bottom of the console with only the friction of the USB port retaining it. Seems like a pretty lousy design.

The new version of this treadmill FR30z probably includes a royalty to Zwift that enables support. I don’t see any other difference in hardware. Maybe the magic is in the dongle.