Reebok jet 100 bluetooth treadmill

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I bought the reebok jet 100 with bluetooth, i struggling to connect it to zwift, it seems not to be picking up the treadmill any help or suggestion please

As I understand it, the Jet 100+ has bluetooth that allows it to connect to the Reebok app and use their services.

I can’t see it mentioned anywhere that it broadcasts as a Bluetooth device, which is what Zwift would require as a minimum in order to get that to work.

I don’t see that treadmill on the list of supported treadmills:

It could use a proprietary Bluetooth signal that Zwift does not have access to.

You could use a foot pod or an NPE RUNN to get connected to Zwift.

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Hi @Lynnie_Jorge welcome to Zwift forums.
The age of the treadmill matters a great deal. If they were manufactured prior to the rise of third-party fitness apps like Zwift, there’s a good chance that they broadcast in a flavor of Bluetooth that only communicates to that brand’s proprietary app. It’s not enough that it can broadcast an older, incompatible flavor of Bluetooth.

This is complicated by the tread industry’s tendency to hold on to model names of their top-selling products. If they make changes to important specs like upgrading Bluetooth hardware, they may only denote the change with a model year. So for anyone reading along - please check the serial number with your manufacturer to see if that unit is compatible with Zwift…

Hi Shuji
I have Reebok One Gt60 with Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle.
The treadmill connects to the Reebok App and to Kinomap, but I can’t get Zwift to connect.
I downloaded few Bluetooth support apps, but still no success
Will I be able to connect the treadmill to Zwift on my MacBook via USB cable? What supporting app can I use?
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@Nina_Long unfortunately it appears your treadmill is not supported by Zwift. You can find a list of supported treadmills here:

Reviewing info on Reebok’s website it appears the Bluetooth in that unit is only compatible with their apps. It is not an open protocol available to 3rd party apps:

Bluetooth enabled models of this treadmill are compatible with the Reebok Fitness App

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Thank you for the reply @DKE_Watson
I did some home research in the mean time as well and discovered that the MLDP profile (simulating the SPP profile over BLE) on the RN4020 microchip is disabled or something like that and I need to Enable the MLDP in order to auto-advertise and UART flow protocol.
Is there any other way I can connect to the treadmill via the USB port provided for the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE UART Dongle or can I bypass it or reset it perhaps?

That’s way over my tech knowledge. Pretty much, unless the manufacturer is using an open Bluetooth protocol it won’t be able to connect to Zwift. Per prior posts from Zwift HQ that usually means newer treadmills (2019 and on). But some current treadmills are still using closed Bluetooth so they can only connect to their apps.

Thanks again @DKE_Watson.
I just can’t understand how the iConsole App and the Kinomap App can connect to the treadmill and even control the gradient. Are they using decoding key obtained from Reebok?
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You’re on the right track. It’s a closed Bluetooth environment. Kinomap I guess has a partnership with Reebok, and Zwift does not.

If the tread has a Bluetooth LE or ANT+, then Zwift would be able to pair.

Thank you @shooj. Hope Zwift will pare with Reebok soon because we are unable to buy and not allowed to import the Cable or Gem Retro treadmill connection devises
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